Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a common disease in men, which mostly can be triggered by the invasion of gram-negative aerobic bacteria like E-coli. Sufferers usually have symptoms such as prostatic ache, frequent and painful urination as well as dysuria.

If left untreated for too long, sufferers with chronic bacteria prostatitis will have many complications, which will make them sufferer a lot.

1.Urinary tract infection(UTI)

Recurrent UTI is a characteristic of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Although the symptoms of UTI can be eliminated rapidly after the bacteria are dispelled in the urine during the appropriate antibacterial therapy, the infection caused by the same bacteria is prone to reoccur at a certain interval after therapy.

The bacteria in the urine are dispelled in full, but the pathogenic bacteria in the prostate remain unchanged. So most antibiotics are hard to penetrate into the prostatic fluid. As a consequence, after the course is over, the bacteria will stay in the prostate gland, which will give rise to reinfection of the urinary tract. It can also cause infective prostate stones and lead to a chronic infection that is hard to cure with drugs. At times, chronic bacterial prostatitis can be complicated by urethral bladder obstruction invited by cervix vesicae contracture. However, whether there is a certain relationship between them has not been figured out yet.

2.Seminal vesiculitis

It is the most common complication of chronic bacterial prostatitis. In the course of chronic illnesses, they often exist simultaneously and affect each other. For a long period, it can obviously invite male sexual dysfunction. When prostatitis is complicated with seminal vesiculitis, blood in semen can appear.


Prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis can occur at the same time. Inflammations are able to invade epididymis and give rise to chronic bacterial epididymitis.

4.Allergic illnesses

Chronic lesions lurk in the body for a long time and become allergens. In addition to the symptoms of the local urinary system, they can also cause various types of allergic illnesses, including arthritis, myositis, iritis, neuritis and so on.

5.Sexual dysfunction

The main manifestation is sexual dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation, which may be related to the inflammatory stimulation of the prostate. The relationship between impotence and prostatitis is uncertain. While chronic bacterial prostatitis can not directly damage the neurovascular function of penile erection.


The pathogenic microorganism and bacterial toxin contained in the prostatic fluid of the sufferers with chronic bacterial prostatitis can directly kill the sperm after entering the semen, inviting the abnormal sperm, dead sperm and the production of anti-sperm antibody, thus causing infertility.

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