If you are a safety supplier in Canada who wants his customers and employees to use personal protective equipment and know the misunderstandings associated with safety products and their use, this blog is for you. This blog covers 7 common myths people normally have about PPEs.
Safety items like respiratory protective products, eye protection glasses, hand safety gloves, have always proved to be life-saving equipment at workplaces, but some people still consider them secondary tools and see them as burdens as if they hinder their efficiency. The reason is the prevailing misconception about the safety equipment. Being a responsible employer, one should try to educate them about their importance and persuade them to use PPEs in every situation.

1. Gloves do not provide proper grip to hold objects
That is not true! You can choose gloves according to your need and job. Use leather gloves or latex-coated gloves to hold small and lightweight objects. For heavier duties, go for the gloves with a roughened surface. It will provide you a stronghold to handle massive and heavier objects.

2. Cleaning and maintaining PPEs is not important
This is not true either! Clean every safety equipment properly and store it in a safe and dry place. Doing this will increase the lifespan of PPEs and keep them functional. Plus, a properly maintained PPE will not leave the worker open for injuries and hazards.

3. All types of safety gloves are the same
This is again just a myth. You can find dozens of different kinds of gloves designed to perform specific tasks such as Latex disposable gloves, cotton gloves, nitrile chemical resistance gloves, PVC long cuff gloves.

4. You are not supposed to obligate your employees to wear PPE against their consent
Do you think you are not supposed to make your workers wear personal protective equipment against their consent? Well, this is not right. If PPE deems necessary for any job, it is not optional. You must restrict them to wearing them because it only takes a second for an accident to happen and cause a serious injury or even fatality.

5. the more PPE I wear, the better
Overprotection and under-protection can equally risk your health. Loading yourself with layers and layers of safety products causes stress and affects your productivity. The important thing is the use of the right PPE at the right place for the right amount of time.

6. There is no point in wearing PPE if it is a quick job
No matter how quick your job is, you must wear safety equipment. It does not take too long for any accident to happen, anything can happen in a split of a second. Therefore, follow the saying “precaution is better than cure” and equip yourself with necessary PPEs, if not for yourself, for your loved ones.

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