Sneakers have been made to look exciting, fun, and even colorful to buy and wear. For kids, adults, and sneaker collectors alike, the main appeal in buying each pair is the color of the laces and the sneaker itself. However, it’s possible for your sneakers or casual shoes to look appealing in a completely different way, and you can easily do this by changing the color of your shoelaces.
maroon shoe laces
There are some sneakers that are made in comforting, settled-down color schemes, apart from the vibrant colors and the typical “black and white” aesthetic, but if you prefer a more classic look, consider buying no tie laces of a different color than what you already have. The following colors for shoelaces can dramatically change how the sneaker looks for the better.


Dark red shoelaces signify fire, passion, activity, love, and adventure. Bright, fire engine red might be too vibrant for some, but maroon shoe laces can actually tone that energy down while still showing personality and flair. Maroon is a color that expresses experience and boldness, and is used by many sports teams and companies that wish to reflect such characteristics. From Dr. Pepper to Oklahoma University, maroon is a color that will never go away, anytime soon. White and off-white sneakers will look amazing and vintage with a set of maroon shoe laces.


Blue is the color of calmness, wisdom, loyalty, and power. Men, especially boys, love the color, but there are many shades of blue that can make sneakers look tame and classic, rather than vibrant and colorful. From bright blue to blue teal & navy blue, you can find the right shade to make your sneakers take on a tamer and look more genuine. Blue teal shoelaces, for example, can make light gray sneakers look beautiful. And of course, blue simply can give off the impression of comfort thanks to its similarities with casual denim clothing.

Army Green

Army green is a dark, muted green that has a mature appearance for consumers to wear. Rather than lime green, or even a basic green, army green has its place in anyone’s wardrobe, especially when it comes to their sneaker laces. If you happen to have either black, tan, turquoise, purple, or even pink sneakers, you should strongly consider army green no tie laces in order to give them an overall new and favorable look.


Canvas is an off-white color that is very similar to your typical, pure white, but with a more aged look that makes it look more appealing. For instance, sneakers in red, blue, or even green can look riveting with canvas-colored shoelaces, and will definitely make them look more mature and relaxed than colorful. If you want white shoelaces, canvas is the perfect color of shoelace for you.


A light brown shade, tan is known as a timeless color that is warm and comforting both to look at and to feel. Tan is also classified as a neutral color, meaning that it can go well with any other color imaginable. Tan shoelaces go exceptionally well with sneakers that are either black, blue, maroon, charcoal gray or dark brown in color. You will soon notice how tan no tie laces can make your sneakers stand out without taking anything away from their color.


Of course, black is the most common color. Nothing can beat the look of white sneakers with black laces. Black shoelaces are simple, clean, elegant and sophisticated; and they are good with hiding dirt stains, too! Perhaps your current sneaker’s shoelaces are white or tan, but your sneakers need something dark in order to make them stand out. Black is also a sporty color, so if you own red or blue sneakers and would like a change of scenery, so, black no tie laces can dramatically change their look.

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