That SEO is of great importance to generate more traffic to your website has become a well-known fact. If your website and content are not optimized, for both desktop and mobile users, it will be a difficult task to get visitors through organic search results. However, SEO has many other advantages than just boosting traffic. In this article, I, therefore, consider both the increase in traffic and five other positive effects of optimized SEO.

# 1 The importance of organic search results
Research that looked at 310 million visits to 30 different websites shows that organic search results were responsible for as much as 64 percent of all website visits. This indicates that SEO is by far the most profitable in terms of traffic.

# 2 Improved user experience
Search engines would like to see websites with a good integration of relevant photos and videos, a mobile-friendly design and positive user signals such as low bounce percentages. These factors not only provide a higher place between search results, but also for a better user experience. In short, by optimizing SEO, you automatically improve the experience of visitors on your website. An excellent user experience then leads to more trust, higher conversion, and brand loyalty.

# 3 Higher credibility of your brand
A high-ranking between search results indicate to your visitors that you are an important player in the industry. Conversely, the same thing applies: a placement on the second or third page can lead to the assumption that you are a new business, not known or lacking the right resources to improve your search position.

# 4 SEO ensures visibility
Some online retailers refrain from optimizing their SEO because they believe that any position within the search results, regardless of the page number, is "good enough". However, research shows that 71% of the clickthroughs on the first page of search results occur. It is, therefore, crucial to gain a position on this first page when you want to be visible to consumers who are actively looking for your products.

# 5 More leads and sales
Several studies show that SEO among marketing professionals is seen as the current number one source of leads. It also appears that SEO leads are more likely to buy than leads that come from other sources. One question that you should ask yourself is the following: If you do not currently generate leads through SEO, who does these valuable potential customers catch?

# 6 The least effort for maximum result
Social media and email marketing are both effective means of collecting leads, however, they require a high degree of continuous attention. In order to stay top of mind with your customers, you must constantly offer new content to your readers and followers. For SEO, however, as soon as you have optimized your website, you should wait to see your page between search results rising. Of course, there are factors that affect the effectiveness of your SEO, such as the quality of your content and the competitiveness of the search terms you use. However, in general, when the foundation of a good SEO optimization is laid, most of the work is already over.

Optimizing your website is a process, not a project. People's search behavior changes, Google changes its policies and content is dynamic. It is important to keep your SEO activities always up-to-date. Want to read more tips or know more about search engine optimization? You should go stay tuned with our SEO blog. Instantly check the latest updates and keep them close in order to get the best results.

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Misty Jhones