If you’re wondering why switch to natural, organic skincare when you have a bathroom full of beauty products you haven’t even half consumed, read on!

1.DID YOU KNOW that cosmetic companies use ingredients that are KNOWN Carcinogens?

Don’t wait until you’re sick with a disease or condition to start reviewing your toxic load and then switch to a healthy lifestyle.

The staff at Go Vita Tanunda can show you products without these harmful ingredients.

2.DID YOU KNOW the word “Organic” can be misleading?

In many cases, “organic” is used inappropriately. Organic body care products are a shining example of how the term can be used incorrectly. Calling a shampoo “organic” when it contains harmful chemicals that are normally not allowed in organic agricultural products is misleading advertising.

Buy products with certified organic ingredients at Go Vita Tanunda and take the guess work out of it.

3.DID YOU KNOW that your beauty habits might be hurting the environment?

If you’re washing with petroleum derivatives and harsh surfactants like SLS, where do you think that goes once you wash it down the drain?

What do you think happens to microbeads (tiny little plastic balls found in exfoliators, toothpastes etc)? These tiny, seemingly harmless particles are having a giant impact on the environment polluting our waterways and endangering sea life

Then there’s the packaging – is it recyclable, refillable, or even biodegradable

4.DID YOU KNOW not all Cruelty Free Logos are legitimate?

Whenyour products are vegan and cruelty-free, you are helping to save & protect animals. If animal cruelty alarms you, you’ll want to ensure every personal care product you purchase is going towards preserving their lives. Be aware of the fakes! We have the real deal.

5.DID YOU KNOW reactions and sensitivities can build up over time?

There are hundreds of harsh toxic chemicals that sensitize skin and are proven to cause serious problems.

Your skin might not know it from the outset, but just as many things in life ‘catch up with us’, same can be said for the skin. Suffocating it each day with pore-clogging skincare bases and subjecting it to skin-thinning, sun-sensitizing ingredients can lead to sensitive, prematurely aged skin. It will love you right back if you feed it with skin-loving plant oils and gentle, deeply nourishing ingredients.
6.DID YOU KNOW “Fragrance” is a dirty word?

Once you make the switch you will become physically aware of the chemical smell to mainstream products, they’reso full of nose-twitching synthetic fragrance that they’re not enjoyable to wear.Synthetic “fragrance” has been scientifically linked toallergies, respiratory problems, headaches, dizziness, nausea and shown to cause hormone disruption and organ toxicity.

So, why switch to natural skincare? Why wouldn’t you?

Author's Bio: 

Go Vita Tanunda health shop has been serving its community since 1974.

In the early days it was a one man operation until the 1990s when naturopath Peter Balogh established his consulting practice in the clinic of the business.

When the opportunity to buy the business arose, Pete instinctively knew he had to be the next owner – and only the third in its now, 40-plus year history.

Pete has always had an affinity for natural health, having a deep and abiding interest in alternative treatments from an early age.

Lee Teusner, Pete’s partner in life and in business has also spent many years developing her knowledge and an ongoing enthusiasm for natural health as a career and in her everyday life.

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