WordPress is so popular and the reason behind its themes and plugins is also its most popular content management system (CMS). By using your themes and plugins, there are several ways to customize your website.

If you find multiple websites with such great designs and you want them for your website. It means you want that focused and elegant design for yourself, but you can't because you don't know what theme that website is using, but that's no longer a dilemma. You know the best digital marketing company provides such types of services to design the best website with great theme decor.

In that case, some handy WordPress theme detectors will help you find your target website theme, so you can easily download and use it on your website. It is important to know that there are several WordPress theme detectors available, so it is quite difficult to find the best WordPress theme detector at first.

WordPress theme detectors are the tools that help to find the information about the theme used on the WordPress site. Information such as the name of the theme, the author, and the version of the theme.

Now, let's get started with the latest WordPress theme detectors.

1. WordPress Theme Detector: - WP Theme Detector is a very fine tool that can provide you with various information about the theme. This tool is great on its own not only because it's easy to use, but because the way it describes the topic is more palatable. WordPress theme detector is an online tool that you only need to enter the URL of the site you want to detect the theme on and then simply enter the button.

The tool provides exact information about the theme description, tag, plugin, license, and theme author, you can also get the popularity of the theme and where the download link for that theme is available.

The WordPress theme detector will not only detect the main theme of the website, but it will also detect the main theme of your website. It also shows which website plugins they are using.

2. ScanWP: - Another well-known important web-based tool is ScanWP which is used by thousands of website developers and designers to detect WordPress website themes.

If you are a beginner and looking for a simple WordPress theme detector, ScanWP is the best option.

It cannot provide additional information on the topic, it provides the basic information, it only tells you the name, author, URL, and sometimes the price of a topic.

In the end, it provides an impressive list of scanned themes, page builders, and plugins. ScanWP also displays recent website traffic results and keywords.

3. WPSniffer: - WPSniffer is one of the WordPress theme detectors, but it is not in tool form. WPSniffer is a Chrome extension created by PenguinWP. Displays the title of the theme and the home page that a WordPress site uses. It does not show the details of the topic like author, tags, and plugins.

It is very easy to use, you just need to click the install button and a WPSniffer icon will appear in your browser. You don't need to put a URL, just go to the WordPress site and then click on the extension icon and you will get what you want. When the WordPress theme is detected, the icon turns orange automatically.

4. What WordPress theme is that: - It is one of the online tools formed to detect a WordPress theme that is using a particular site. Just go to the tool page, enter the URL of a site you want to check into the search bar.

Define what is WordPress theme That says it is the best tool that allows the user to quickly detect the theme of the website.

This topic detector displays the main topic and the main topic of the website. Once the website is detected, it provides you with the link of the theme and the author's home page, in addition to the plugin used by the WordPress website, which is displayed directly on your website screen.

5. What theme: - It is a great tool that detects the WordPress theme and also shows a particular detail about a theme, such as an author, version, license, and main URL of a theme, it has tags related to its purpose and A description. The main thing about the topic is that it quickly identifies the main topic and gives you the author who created it.

The best part about what theme is that besides WordPress, you can use it for Joomla, Blogger, Shopify, Ghost, Drupal, Tumblr, Magento, and Big Cartel.

6. Created with: - A name suggests that a tool is for finding what websites are built with and other information about websites. one of the most revealing tools for detecting website information. It is just not a WordPress theme detector, it gives you a complete analysis of the website with its technological details.


Detecting WordPress themes and plugins can have huge benefits, especially if you are new to WordPress and still don't know anything about the themes available on the market or don't know which plugin could do exactly what you want.

Even if you already have a blog, you cannot know all the themes and plugins available in the market because new ones are released every day.

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