To be completely honest, it can be said that Affiliate Marketing is certainly one of the most important and legitimate ways of getting a new and passive way of earning some money online. There is also not a single doubt about the fact that Affiliate Marketing is gaining a lot of popularity as well.

There is even a prediction that Affiliate Marketing would soon contribute to about 7 billion dollars in the business industry in the coming 2 years.

So, in case you have got a website or a blog that you are not really focusing on monetizing, that would be one of the biggest mistakes of your life for sure. After all, who would want to lose a chance to have a new passive form of income, right? Plus, don’t forget the commissions that you might get. Doesn’t that seem like an extra lucrative opportunity of earning an additional few bucks?

Do, you wish to know a bit more about it? Well, in that case, let us get to know about some of the recurring affiliate networks that might be a help to you.

Top Recurring Affiliate Networks That You Should Know About

Here in this post, we shall be mentioning a bit about the recurring networks of Affiliate Marketing and how you can avail the benefits due to the amazing features that they have.

Rose Hosting

When we talk about Rose Hosting, one of the first things that come to mind are the amazing VPS hosting services that it provides to the people who need it all around the world. Also, this company is one of those that offer a residual income opportunity for the customers as well. For every single sale that you make, there is a guaranteed 50% commission fixed for you. Also, you will get 10 recurring commissions always. Apart from that, there are some additional bonuses that you might get when you make a sale. With all these interesting features, it is pretty sure that you will definitely have some great profits if you choose Rose Hosting for affiliate marketing.


If you have not yet heard about Shopify, then I am sorry to say that you are missing out on a lot of things people. Shopify is currently considered to be one of the most popular and favorite stores for the e-commerce sites. Once you are subscribed to Shopify you will be able to know what features it offers. The standard commission rate is about $598 which is pretty huge. Apart from that if you go for the Shopify Plus Referrals then the commission rises up to $2000. The cookie length is for 30 days in total. Isn’t that amazing?


Here we have another one of the famous tools from social media. Users take help of these tools to boost up their engagement in social media. There is a recurring commission that often rises up to 40% in most of the cases. Also, the sign-up procedure is pretty simple and it is free as well. Go ahead and choose it right now people.


Another social media tool that can be used for marketing purposes is SocialPilot. Most users take help of this tool in order to manage their accounts on social media. There are monthly payouts, the free process of signing up, and you will be able to access all the text links and the banner ads as well. For new subscriptions, there is a commission of 30%


For those who want a marketplace for the SEO, this is the perfect tool for them. Handle the SEO projects easily with this. You will be able to earn about 10% commissions that are recurring for the lifetime. Also, get your hands on the free coupons as well. Also, if you get the affiliates to buy the services of your company, you get all the commissions as well.


Another one of the sites that help you in affiliate marketing is this one. Get some amazing courses, products online that are all related to the knowledge about affiliate marketing. Get 50% of the commissions and you will not regret it for sure.
So, that is all we have for you in here. Make sure that you check out these amazing recurring affiliate marketing networks.

Besides that I also want to mention about Thrive Themes who offers a great affiliate program. You can promote their product Thrive Suite and make good recurring commission.

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