A lot of businesses use the Magento eCommerce platform for their webstore. Magento eCommerce platform is one of the best platforms available in the market. It is an open source platform with 315,000 developers and 250,000 merchants.

Considering every business is different, sometimes inbuilt Magento functionalities may not fulfill all your needs. You need Magento Extensions for that. Magento Extensions are the add-on software designed to improve your user experience and achieve better results.

For Magento Extension Development, you can hire a development team. Or else you can also buy already developed extensions if it fulfils your requirements. Here are some benefits of Magento Extensions.

Fast Loading Website

User experience plays a huge role in the success of any business. So, to create a good user experience for your customers it is important to have a fast loading website. If you have a slow responsive website it will affect your business success rate. You can use the Magento extension to boost your website speed. By using reliable Magento extensions, you can speed up your website upto 10 times.

Managing Order and Delivery

What will happen when you have a huge number of orders coming in? It will get messy to handle orders the old way. Having a manual approach to handle invoices and delivery of goods is not going to help. It can also lead to late deliveries. This will make your customers unhappy.

You can have Magento order and delivery management extensions to ease out your order management. It will allow your customers to select delivery date and time. And you will have delivery date and time data to keep track of orders. 

Multi Store Functionality

Some businesses need multiple stores because of the wide range of products/services they offer. A right Magento extension will let you manage multiple stores easily. It will allow admin to manage multiple stores on one single admin panel. It will be easy to add and manage products in your stores.

Backend Productivity

It can get difficult to handle backend functions of an ecommerce store. With Magento extensions, you can manage customer information like account details, order details, product reviews, and more. You will also have data and sales reports to improve your business functionality.

Cost Saving

Every eStore owner wants a fully functional store on a budget. If you are planning to add functionality to your website, use Magento extension rather than getting it developed. Development will be costly and also time consuming. You can also partner with Magento Plugin Development companies. They will customize plugins as per your needs.

Boost Website Engagement

Before buying any product, customers like to research about products. Blogs are a good source to collect information about the product. A good informative blog will lead customers to your website. More the number of readers, the more the traffic. This will also improve your search engine ranking. Get your website Magento blog extension and boost your website engagement. 


Magento is the best platform for eCommerce stores. It allows the companies to add functionalities based on their needs and make the most out of them. This platform ensures you save on development and still have a fully functional store. It serves almost everything that an online store will need. And for additional functionality, we have third party extensions. There are plenty of extensions available. 

Magento extensions can help you with finance, marketing, content creation, payment, security, reports and analysis and more. Don't get overwhelmed by it, figure out your requirements and choose one that's right for you. Choose extensions that are compatible with your platform. We hope you found this article helpful.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of AppJetty, a digital software products store specializing in extensions, plugins and apps for host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc.