The words we choose define the way we view the world around us.

As a means of communication, language has been an integral part of our lives. Form merely hand gestures and sounds, language evolved with time. Hence, language skills are something that can’t be developed overnight. Therefore, people from all over the world are learning new languages.

Even now, the language continues to evolve, thanks to the technology we are now able to understand and reflect emotions through “emoticons”.

The essence of language has always been its natural evolution over time as we connect those words with an event or behaviour, including how those words are heard or spoken. Our knowledge is then transferred over to person to person and from generation to generation, contributing to the organic creation of the language.

These facts add up to our excitement when we choose to learn a foreign language ( German Language, French language, Spanish) . Let us show how wonderful learning a foreign language can be. Below are 6 amazing facts about foreign languages.

Over 7,000 Spoken Languages Exist Today

Most of us may recognize just a handful, but there are more than 7,000 languages worldwide. Over half are variations in the original language. Such variability, referred to as dialects, depends on factors such as the location of a nation or cultural influences. Surprisingly, almost half of all languages do not have a written version, which only exists as a spoken word.

The United States has More Than 300 Languages

you must be wondering, which is the official language of the United States? The correct answer to that is none. During the process of establishing laws by the Continental Congress, no national language was chosen as a result of a large number of unique settlers at the time. Since then, diversity has remained throughout the United States, which also has the second largest population of Spanish speakers.

Sanskrit, Hebrew and Basque Are the Oldest Known Languages

The only reason we even know that is because there's a written record of those languages. "Which is the oldest language of all? "It can never be fully answered, as it does not take into account spoken languages with oral traditions.

Chinese: The most Common Language

Although English has more than 171,000 words and is spoken in many countries, Chinese is the most widely spoken language, preceded by Spanish. Nonetheless, to be regarded fluent in Chinese, you will need to know about 3,000 symbols and their meanings.

86% of People Speak Asian or European Languages Worldwide

Given a large number of total languages, the spoken language is dominated by Asian and European languages, primarily influenced by the density of population in these regions and by extensive colonization in recent history. With such a vast number, it is clear to see how minor or less frequently used languages begin to extinguish.

E is the Most Widely Used Letter in English

Not just in English, Norwegian, Finnish, French and Italian also uses the letter “E” the most. In the Oxford dictionary, over 11% of the letter accounts for E followed by “A” which is the second-widely used letter in the many European languages.

To Sum Up

Learning a foreign language is exciting and worthy of your time. With each language, you learn about its history and culture. This broadens your perspective about various things. However, you don’t have to learn a new language for academic purposes only. You are free to pursue any foreign language. Therefore, start your foreign language learning journey today.

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