Are you stressed?

Or are you among the rare 25% of Americans who are not greatly stressed at least once a week? [A number down from 45% about 25 years ago.]

Why we have so many more people feeling stressed these days has been attributed to factors such as job concerns, crime, changing societal and religious practices, etc.

I am not sure what stresses you, but I do know that the two reasons most people do not sleep well at night are worries about their health and their finances.

And I also know that lack of adequate sleep is one major cause of stress and that stress is a major cause of health problems.

A caveat – some stress is good for us – it can be motivating. This is about that great stress that can be harmful.

Stress takes one on a cycle of – well - more stress.

The cycle goes like this:

worry about health and money
sleep less well
get more stressed
get stress-related illnesses
worry more about health
sleep even less well
get even more stressed
and so on.....

Here are 5 ways to start reducing your stress:

1 – you must get adequate sleep


going to bed at the same time every evening
not watching TV in bed
not having an argument before bedtime
not reading murder mysteries at bedtime
no late night eating – except maybe a glass of warm milk

2- you must exercise

I know it’s harder to exercise when you are stressed. So think of daily small things you can do that make your body move.
stairs instead of elevators
walking more
jumping jacks.
hopping or running in place in your house while watching TV or listening to the radio

3- you must eat properly

This means the right nutrition and at the right times because bodies need fuel just like your car does - and your body needs the right fuel and at the right time just like your car does.

eat only when you are actually hungry
snack on vegetables and fruit
drink more water – a lot of “feeling” hungry is actually a need for hydration
avoid soft drinks
eat breakfast every day

4- you have to socialize

spend quiet time with your family having a conversation and no TV on
call a friend
make a date with a pal for a walk or lunch
and - if you can’t get out the door - hang out on Twitter or Facebook

5 – And the hardest for many – you must earn more income

I know and the economy is not helping but there are home-based business models that do well in an economic downturn.

check out the company [due diligence]
find a product that you really love and use it
talk to your friends
don’t expect overnight success – be patient but always take a daily step forward with your new business
Some stress is good for us – it can be motivating. This article is about too much stress – the kind that can be very harmful.

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