In these economic times, people are looking for ways to build their online presence using inexpensive methods. With some free internet promotion sites, you can save a bundle and use your savings to create other aspects of your business...creating products or services.

While you shouldn't focus on simplified internet marketing methods, it won't hurt to try some of these free ways to help make your online presence more visible.

I've included 5 ways to promote your site for free and 16 links to make it easy.

1. Are you writing articles? Yes, you! You are an expert in your niche, right? Write simple articles, keeping in mind that you should be using the keywords targeted to your website. There are free keyword tools out there, be sure to take advantage of them. Your articles should contain valuable information that will make people want to come back to visit your website for more. Do keyword searches every month and update your website's content with the new keywords. Submit your articles to the free article submission sites.

2. Once a month set time aside to submit your website to various search engines. Try to aim for the top search engines. Make sure you optimize your website to be sure it will be included in the searches. Here are some sites you can try:

3. Look for free content from article directories. All you have to do is include the resource box at the bottom of the article. The articles should be relevant to your website's niche. You can also find some PLR articles. Use them for ideas to write your own articles. Simple when you already have the "guts" of the article and just have to reword what's already there.

4. Keep your website updated and fresh. Change the wording on the index page and have neat graphics to illustrate your content. Don't make it flashy. Keep it simple and easy to read. Use white space as a tool. You can find lots of free website templates that you can change to make your own.

5. Track your visitors. Use Google Analytics on your web pages so you can see where your visitors are coming in and leaving from. You can also put free statcounters on the pages.

I've included links to some sites that you may find useful to use for your website promotion. Don't get obsessed with it all, just try to master using these tools and incorporate them in your marketing efforts.

I haven't tried them all out and no guarantees that they will be exactly what you are looking for.

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