Your website is the gateway to sell your products to the world. As that stands, it should be marketed right and advertised as much as possible for maximum exposure. The great thing about selling online is that the possibilities for exposure are endless and you can literally reach any demographic, in any part of the world.

Here are 5 great ways to reach your targeted audience and drive traffic to your website.

> PAY-PER-CLICK: Boost your Pay-Per-Click marketing efforts if you haven’t already done so. Sure, many online retailers are cutting back on some marketing and reducing keyword bids for better ROI but this is the time to boost your positions, get more traffic, and generate sales.

> SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Organic traffic equals free clicks. Although SEO is not cheap by any means, it’s a great long-term investment as the economy recovers.

> EMAIL LIST: There is not a better time than these times to really build up your newsletters, etc. As the holidays come close, make sure you are trying to get every visitor to your sites information, most important of all their email address. By the time you know it, when the holidays roll around; you will have a large list to market to.

> SALES: Boosting sales on your site will really depend on how you’re pricing versus your competitors. Always look at your competitors pricing on the hottest selling products and make sure you are promoting a sale on that product and you have very competitive pricing

> SOCIAL MEDIA: Make sure you stay connected and reach out to potential customers. Most of your customers are online already discussing brands or products similar to yours. Social sites such as Facebook allow you to create fan pages that can keep you connected with customers. Twitter is another great example to keep you connected.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Dylan is head of marketing for F3, a Shopping Cart Software company.