You want to appear attractive to men, but you're doing the wrong things if you don't already have a great man. If you don't get the men you desire, you need to learn what a man really wants in a woman.

Men say they want a sexually attractive female, but this is only partly true. Should you put attention into making your hair nice, putting on make up, and showing a little skin, you'll evoke what I call a "caveman response" from him. He'll become sexually attracted to you and want nothing more.

The secret way to attract a man for a happy ongoing relationship is to create more than a caveman response from him. Men want a lot of experiences and feelings with a woman.

Men universally want a set of qualities in women that may surprise you, yet these characteristics are a secret part of finding Mr Right and keeping him. Without these surprising qualities, you'll continue to attract wrong guys.

Quality One: Authenticity

Women and men can be manipulative and shallow. Regardless of what generalizations you make about each gender, attractive men hate inauthentic behavior.

If you hate bars, don't go there to meet men. If you hate long-hair, don't say you like it! If you don't like how he made you feel in front of friends, say, "I do not like when you put me down in front of my friends".

Quality Two: Independence

Independence is masculine energy yet it attracts men when used correctly. A man wants a woman who isn't needy or entirely dependent on him because it gives him freedom. Do not call him every day. Have your own life filled with interests and hobbies.

Quality Three: Dependency

What? I hear you say, "I thought independence was attractive"? Both are attractive to men when used the right way.

Men love to feel powerful, helpful, and protective around women. Give a man the chance to experience these around you.

The best areas to show dependency in situations are those that give a man the chance to display his masculine energy. Ask him to move something heavy for you. Get him to safely walk you home. You'll evoke a primal response that drives him crazy for you.

Quality Four: Support

This is a little-known way to attract men. Men hate when women do not support them in their decisions!

If something has been decided and you don't like the final decision, you can still support your man. Help him move forward in life and he'll do the same to you. Bring the best out of each other.

Quality Five: Passion and Purpose

A woman with something she feels is her life passion makes a man want to be with her in the long-term. Find something you're passionate about and pursue it with vigor and energy. You'll attract great people into your life.

The skills and abilities you develop along the way will make your man proud. He'll brag about you to his mates and family.

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