What gets you motivated? There is always something that can get you going. One of my favorite ways to get Motivated and that I love to do as we approach the end of the year is to reflect on what I have accomplished during the year.

1. Acknowledge what you have done. Frequently while I am in the midst of a project, situation or just living life everyday I am not able to recognize all the “good stuff” I have done. I have learned over the years that the more I take time to acknowledge what I have done the better I feel about myself and it Motivates me. This is a great ESTEEM building exercise.

2. Surround yourself with people that are positive. Words are so powerful. Notice how people talk. People with the attitude of “the glass is half full” rather than half empty are the ones that I want to hang with. The more you are around people that uplift you the more naturally positive you are and the easier it is to be Motivated.

3. Review and Re-Evaluate. Every month make a list of what you did for that month. This will serve two purposes; a.) visually you will see that you have done more than you realized and b.) if you didn’t meet a goal or target you get to review your original goal and re-evaluate it. This helps you to be Motivated either by what you have done or by what you still get to do.

4. Set time aside for yourself. In this world of always doing for others frequently we loose sight of ourselves. It is so important that you ALWAYS schedule time for yourself. Even if it is just for 10 minutes a day to sit quietly and have a cup of tea, it will make all the difference. By taking time for yourself you will rejuvenate your jets and get Motivated.

5. Get into action. Sometimes I wake up and for no reason at all I do not feel like doing anything. I counter act that feeling by just getting out of bed and start doing. I make myself do the next indicated thing and before the morning is over I fell better and am Motivated for the day.

“Smell the flowers” is a great metaphor that brings to mind all the above. When you acknowledge what you have done, surround yourself with people that are positive, review and re-evaluate on a regular basis, set time aside for yourself and get into action you set yourself up to be Motivated.

Life is good, life is great, get going and Motivate!

Author's Bio: 

Susan Birmingham is an Executive Coach who specializes in working with business women. She is also the founder & president of Birmingham Results, LLC as well as creator of www.birminghamresults.com and The ESTEEM Principle™.