How do I get what I REALLY want? This process works for any situation - whether you are leading a team, going for a promotion, want some more cash in your pocket or want to find a man (that's how I found Rob!)

Step 1. Decide. It's a 'burn all bridges' kind of decision. This means you are taking action as you are making the decision: you've lit the fire and by golly you've got to hustle and do something or your behind will go up in smoke.

With this kind of intense focus, you'll develop a laser clear picture of what you want. You'll get so excited, you'll know in every cell of your body it's going to happen.

You may not know exactly how, but you will be confident it will eventuate. I had no idea how I was going to meet the man of my dreams, but i was sure excited about the possibility of it happening! The 'how' was like waiting for Santa Claus to deliver - you don't know when or what exactly, but you are pretty charged with positive anticipation.

Step 2. Know WHY you want it. I use the 'Amp it up' process I learned from my colleague Jeannette Maw. Write down on one side of a piece of paper all the reasons why you want your goal; on other side list what you don't want.

This is what Tony Robbins calls 'leverage', and it involves the pleasure/pain principle: you want to link as much pleasure as possible to achieving your goal, while linking as much pain as you can to not achieving it. I call this lighting a fire under your bum.

Step 3. Rehearse. You need to create new neural links to the positive aspects of your goal so that your non-conscious self can tune its radar to opportunities that will guide you towards this goal. You do this by writing out in vivid sensory rich detail the full picture of what you want. Use your imagination to picture what you would be doing once you achieved your goal, what you would be saying, what others would be saying to you, how you would feel. Then describe in detail this feeling: what colour is it? shape? texture? temperature? where do you feel it most in your body.

Now that you've got your vivid success picture, rehearse - and get pumped up and excited as you do it.

See it, say it, feel it, do it, become it!

Step 4. Maintain a feel good vibe. Everything you want is linked to pleasure of some sort; and you want to be in full vibrational resonance with your desires, therefore you need to maintain a good-feeling vibe. This is how you get into the state of 'receiving'. Best way to maintain the feel good vibe? Goof off! Sleep in, play with the dog (or chooks!), read a magazine, where slippers, play frisbee - whatever just feels good for feeling good's sake.

Step 5. Notice the stuff that's showing up. There is a frustrating aspect to manifestation and that is the 'gestation' period from initial conscious desire of a goal, and the realisation of it. There is no set time period. Argh! But sure as the bulbs push through the soil each spring, your manifestation will come into physical reality, as long as you tend to the soil and create a good environment for it (see the steps above). So appreciate it the little signs that will inevitably appear. Be mindful - your manifestation may not come in the form you expect, so be open to any method of delivery.

Now make sure you turn this knowledge into wisdom and actually do it!

To your success.

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