There are five fundamental habits or traits that all successful people share -- five so-called "success secrets" or characteristics that separate underachievers and the average folks among us from those who achieve great accomplishments in their lives.

If you could watch a movie of different people's lives, you would see these same five habits stand out in both their life successes and failures. Successful people who achieve great things will exemplify them and those who underachieve will not.

Many successful people are simply blessed with these success secrets naturally, as if they were part of their DNA. Successful people perform these habits subconsciously as they carry on their lives. Others are not so lucky.

But here is some very good news! These habits can be learned! And, it's been proven that by practicing these five success secrets consistently, and making them a part of your being, you too can and will be successful!

These 5 secrets of successful people are relevant to success in business, relationships, politics, weight loss, getting in shape, etc.... literally every aspect of your life!

Success Secrets #1: Being told "no" usually means that your audience doesn't understand.

Success Secrets #2: Realizing that you can't read other people's minds.

Success Secrets #3: Understanding that great ideas are worthless if you don't take action.

Success Secrets #4: Focusing on the positives vs. the negatives.

Success Secrets #5: Recognizing that success is ultimately in the details.

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