Torture is sitting through a long-winded speech in which the presenter is staring at his/her notes on the lectern, focused entirely on reading to the audience. My feeling is that if you are going to read something to me – and I’m not attending a reading at the library or Barnes and Noble – then why not copy it, pass it out, and we can all go home or back to work. Better yet, email it to me!

Public speaking means communicating with your audience. It is a live venue, the sole purpose of which is to speak to a group of people. Whereas presentations tend to be longer and less formal in their delivery, the speech is scripted and needs to be read word for word. The secret in delivering a speech, however, is not to sound like you are reading it.

It takes some practice but it is well worth the effort because your audience will believe that you are talking to them and not at them. Bear in mind, if your eyes are glued to your speech, then you are unable to acknowledge your audience; and, that is not public speaking.

If you make use of following 5 steps, you are guaranteed an audience that will not realize that you are reading to them. They will think that you are talking to them.

1. Daily practice your speech out loud well in advance of the day you are scheduled to speak. Break it down into blocks of material. Block 1 is your opening. Block 2 is your first major point; block 3 is your next major point; and, so on. It will be easier to learn your material in this manner.
2. Do not memorize your script because a memorized script is not spoken from the heart. A memorized script sounds rote.
3. When you deliver your speech, look up from your lectern and acknowledge those in your audience – not just those in the center of the room but those on the left and on right as well.
4. Spend more time looking at your audience than at your speech.
5. Speak with life, with emotion, and with passion. Use your head, but talk from your heart.

If you can incorporate these 5 steps into your delivery, you will sound like you are having a conversation with your audience; and, that should be your goal in any form of public speaking.

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