With the growing popularity of online dating, more and more men are meeting this way. Your online dating profile is the first impression you’ll make on a guy, so it's important to get it right. If you're intimidated by the task, remember, this is a subject you already know and love – you! Ready? Let’s get started.

Rule #1. Harness the Law of Attraction. Focus on what you want. Believe it; our minds really do work this way. If you put a lot of energy towards avoiding your turn-offs, chances are you will attract them. The solution? Focus on what you DO want, and you'll attract it. For example, instead of writing, “No Drama or Games!” try, “Seeking someone who values honesty and clarity in all of his relationships.”

Rule #2. Tell the truth. Your profile is your opportunity to make a great first impression. Words are powerful and you must choose them carefully. If you're tempted to lie or embellish, just remember: the truth will be revealed when you meet in person. So describe who you are with complete honesty and clarity.

Rule #3. Reel them in. Create a headline that GRABS. When I’m searching through profiles, if a headline is weak or the space is empty, I will skip right over it. The headline is what pulls me in to explore the rest of the profile. Here's one headline that got me to click through: Renaissance Man Seen Wearing Many Hats!

Rule #4. Get down to details. In the body of your profile, share detailed examples of what makes you such a great catch. Use your imagination. Get excited! What are your interests and hobbies? What makes you unique? Try to avoid vague or cliché descriptions such as: happy, funny, attractive or smart.

Rule #5. Show and tell. A picture says a thousand words. Make sure to choose a photo that represents the real YOU. A professional photo may look great, but behind the smoke and mirrors, it might not represent you truthfully. Tip: Have a friend take some pictures of you. I’ve gotten great results with just a simple 8.5 MP digital camera. Also, avoid posting group shots. Having other people in the photo will confuse your viewers and they may not take the trouble to find out which one is you.

If you follow these five simple rules you will have an honest and captivating profile that will help you attract the love of your life NOW. Get creative, get it down and let it go. If you get stuck, step away for a few hours and revisit it with a refreshed outlook. Let your words do the work. And most of all, remember to have fun with it.

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Greg Halpen is a certified relationship coach for Highly motivated and successful single gay men who are frustrated with repeating the same dating and relationship choices, expecting different results. Working with The Gay Guy's Love Coach, "You can consciously attract the love of your life: Not only will your single life be full of purpose, you will become an instant love magnet."

Greg is a graduate of world class Coach Training Alliance.