1. Lack of defined objectives: Success will always lie just out of reach for anyone who does not set goals and create strategies to achieve those goals on a daily basis. It's a constant job. You need have goals at all times to prevent becoming content or stale in what you are doing.

2. Lack of self-discipline: Self-Discipline is a product of self-control. Anger, frustration, and stress can lead to loss of focus, energy level, determination and can result in a decline in personal productivity if you don't recognize and react to these situations as they arise. Controlling your emotions will better help you control external situations as well. Perspective can be changed greatly depending on your mood or stress levels.

3. Lack of persistence: For some it is a lot easier to start something than finish it. Motivation and drive may be running high with a new idea, job or project, but after time passes and several challenges have arisen, people can lose that original focus and determination they had before. I'm sure you all have heard the term "burnt out". If you can stay driven and focused and take satisfaction from the positives in your situation, you'll find success will come, and make everything a little easier.

4. Over-caution: Pretty simple, fortune favors the bold. Now nobody is saying go out and take huge risks, just be open to positive opportunities as they arise and take advantage when they do. You don't want to be looking back saying "yeah that was a good idea, but...". Playing every situation safe will get you by, but that's not the idea here.

5. Lack of Research & Planning: Any business owner will tell you that if you have a goal you are trying to achieve the first thing you should do is create a defined strategy on how to achieve that goal. Take the time and do the necessary research on all aspects of the task, and gather as much information as you can to help you make the most informed decisions you can. So much time, effort, and money could be save if a simple plan is created prior to beginning any major task.

Author's Bio: 

John Chilton is co-founder of Platypus PC Inc.