This classic story explores many life lessons and I am sure you can come up with just as many as I can. So here are my top 5 lessons entrepreneurs can learn from The Wizard of Oz! (Please share yours in the comments!)

1. It can be a long journey.
The yellow-brick road was not short, and it had many twists and turns. The same it true for the road to building a successful business. First you need a goal as big as the emerald city, and a plan, or path, to get there. You also need to stay focused. No matter how many distractions came her way, Dorothy never lost sight of her goal to get home. Although she stopped along the way, she always kept going. If you don’t have a documented business plan then it is time to write one. There are several good business plan software programs, or you can get started in Word. You plan may get modified along the way, but with a clear goal and determination, it is your path to success!

2. Enlist support.
As entrepreneurs we are forced to wear many hats, but you have to decide when many become TOO MANY. You just can’t do everything, believe me, I’ve tried. As Dorothy gained help she also gained strength and momentum. Get help with the things that are best left to someone else like bookkeeping or marketing. Your computer can be a big help in these areas. Accounting software makes creating invoices and balancing your checkbook easier than doing it any other way, and social media is a great way to kick-up your marketing.

3. Work with a mentor/coach.
The wizard offered information and guidance that was not found anywhere else. It is very powerful to have a conversation with someone who has been in your shoes. Not only can you ask questions that are specific to your situation, but in a long-term commitment, you will have someone who will keep you accountable, which is vital for growth. By utilizing technology you are not limited to someone local. Online webinars and teleseminars offer convenient scheduling and he ability to participate in long-distance coaching groups.

4. It takes more than just determination.
As determined as Dorothy was it took many skills to past the obstacles and back to Kansas. So in addition to perseverance an entrepreneur need courage, a brain, and a heart. Too many times I have heard, “It’s not personal, it’s business.” I don’t think that is 100% true. A heartless businessperson will eventually lose business. A successful entrepreneur has to have the whole package! “You’ve cut me to the quick!” I’m afraid there is no software for this one!

5. Look in your own backyard!
Dorothy’s ultimate lesson was that she went looking for something that she “never really lost in the first place.” The same is true for entrepreneurs. Before you head out to your next networking event take a look at the opportunities that are at your fingertips, literally. Search through all your contact databases - email address book, CRM, accounting software - and think carefully about each contact. You have a wealth of information in your own computer that can be harvested to jump-start 2010 with a pipeline full of potential!

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