Yes, in order to achieve true success, there are some fundamental mindset principles which we must possess. Some of us have to really work on it and some of us don’t. But studies have shown that there are common underlying characteristics that successful people have. This article will cover what I believe are the 5 key things needed to develop and maintain a success mindset.

1. Birds of a feather Your network = your net worth Sound familiar? Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be or consciously working towards it. Believe it or not, people who we are close to, have an amazing influence over our own personal energy. Spend a lot of time with people who earn less than you do, not actively working towards a concrete goal and quickly find yourself adapting to their way of thinking and their situation. When you have people around you who inspire you, believe in you and want you to succeed, there’s no room for doubts and even when they creep up, they’re quickly swept away.

2. Create a mantra or an affirmation or mission statement Repeating positive affirmations helps to keep the mind conditioned or focused on a positive outcome. As Napoleon Hill said, the mind is like a fertile soil waiting for the seed of your positive thoughts (or negative thoughts) to be sown. Repeat affirmations, mantras or mission statements and your mind will believe that it is true and manifest the result outward. Yes, another ‘law of attraction’ declaration but its true and it works. ‘What the mind and conceive and believe, the mind will achieve’.

3. Persistence Have the courage to stick with your goals, ride the waves of good and bad times and see your goal through to completion. Don’t give up! Don’t deny yourself the success you rightfully deserve. You are standing in the middle of your own acres of diamonds! Don’t sell out! You will come across obstacles and roadblocks that seem well-placed or like a ‘sign’ that you should give up...don’t! Sometimes it is in these moments that we receive our biggest breakthroughs. We all have negative thoughts from time to time, however, negative thoughts and emotions can derail us and prevent us from achieving all we desire. Of course catching those negative thoughts takes practice and persistence. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts or having negative emotions, find a trigger to turn them around. The affirmations mentioned above are a great way to turn the negative into the positive. You can also find quick pick me ups like a favorite song, a walk outside in the fresh air, or some exercise to help improve your mood.

4. Set goals/intentions Be clear about your goals and intentions. If you don’t know where you are going you will get nowhere fast. Set goals that are a little out of your reach but not too far that they seem impossible. Stay focused and work daily toward your goals. Know your milestones and acknowledge them along the way. The law of attraction says that we attract what we focus on the most. Know that you will achieve your goal with focus, determination and hard and diligent work.

5. Be grateful Gratitude is perhaps the single most powerful and positive tool for success. Consider keeping a gratitude journal and make a practice of using it daily. When you face challenges a quick peek at all the amazing things in your life will make you feel as if you can tackle anything. When you are grateful for all the things that you have, you open up yourself for even more amazing opportunities, success and all that you wish for. Additionally, an attitude of gratitude helps you maintain a positive perspective to face challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Success is within your reach and with the right attitude you can accomplish anything you set your sights on. Embrace these five powerful mind success strategies and you’ll build a better business and live a happier, more satisfying life.

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Stephanie Treasure is an Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant with a passion for Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Personal Development and helping people. She is also a featured contributor in the Ebook 77 Success Traits (2009, Determine Your First Major Milestone) by Mark Foo.
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