5 Relationship Hell Traits Revealed From Your Date's Signature
by Bart Baggett

Men and women finally agree on something when it comes to love... they want the feeling. His handwritten birthday or Valentine's Day card might be your best indicator of whether there is a wedding ring or a restraining order in your future.

Both men and women list their top three essential characteristics in a mate the same: mutual attraction and love, a dependable character, and emotional stability, as reported by Science Daily in a study conducted by researchers at University of
Iowa in 2008.

“The #1 desired trait, mutual attraction and love, isn’t really a character trait at all... it is a shared emotional experience. The fact is, everybody thinks they want love, stability, and a good character. But in reality, many women are aroused by just the opposite type; bad boys who thrive on adventure and force a roller coaster of emotional waves.

Handwriting analyst Bart Baggett has identified 5 Hell Traits any woman should avoid when choosing a man. "Why spend six month's dating someone who is on his best behavior when his handwriting reveals his dirty laundry in one glance?" said Baggett.

"This study reveals nothing useful for the millions of heart broken single women trying to sort through the boring coffee dates, hoping Mr. Right is among the suitors." Bart Baggett says of the Science Daily article. "The real challenge isn't meeting someone you have a mutual attraction for, the problem is being able to quickly cut through the shenanigans of dating to find the key personality traits which make for a long-term relationship. Ask any woman about the plethora of game playing pick-up artist roaming the dating websites these days. A woman without the analytical skills to spot a player is doomed for heartache."

Most single women have a "Top 10 List" of traits they want in a man. Baggett strongly suggest having a Top 10 Hell Trait List they don't want. Dating can often be like buying a house... what you don't want is just as important as what you do want ... loud neighbors, water leaks, and frequent electrical outages.

Baggett says the following character flaws are easy to spot inside any man's cursive script, if you know where to look:

- Lying (double loops in the o)
- Low Self-Esteem (low crossed t-bar on a tall stem)
- Dual Personality (slants which vary left to right)
- Blaming & Defensive / Sensitive to Criticism (larger loop in the stem of the d)
- Issues with the Opposite Gender / Needs a challenge (stinger like hook in the c)

Baggett says his theories are in line with today's best selling books such as Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. Gladwell states that if even just one partner displays hostility & sarcastic related character traits that relationship is doomed for failure 80% of time. "Hell traits are just a few of the negative hostile traits which graphology can easily spot. Even your sweetest friend at church could harbor deep seeded resentment and anger which might never be seen in the light of day. ” says Bart Baggett, "A person's true character is always revealed in his or her letters, in their handwriting."

Handwriting is really brain-writing, projecting the unconscious personality on paper, says Baggett. It instantly identifies traits like dishonesty and jealousy, as well as the traits you want in your mate, like flexibility, open-mindedness, and generosity.

Even mutual attraction and love can appear in handwriting. According to Baggett, the person with a big loop in their “y” has a physical drive that is strong and deep, providing lots of energy and imagination. This trait, which also indicates a strong sex drive, can also be found in the lower zones of the “g” and “p.”

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio
Bart Baggett is one of the world's top court qualified handwriting experts. As president of Handwriting University, he has students in over 17 countries and campuses in the USA, India, and Taiwan. He is a frequent guest on such TV networks as Court TV, CNN, and Fox News. He has even successfully survived appearances on the Howard Stern Show and VH1's "I Love New York".

Baggett lives in Los Angeles and is a faculty member of The International School of Forensic Document Examination, a distance learning school which trains handwriting experts worldwide.