The project manager has great role to play in managing the projects to get the better productivity, ease operation and well focused to the target market.

There are different skills require to manage the project smoothly. The characteristics of good manager should be defined with five main criteria like managerial, communication, leadership, team management and ability to perform the resolving the problems.

1. The good project manager should manage different task at a time to keep eye on the activity and development of the projects. The good manager should manage different tasks like design, scheduling, contracting, documentation, communications and reporting. All the information should well managed to handle the project successfully.

2. Team building is one of the essential aspects in the project management to get the proper output from the team. You must have to integrate the team to solve the problems.

3. The project manager is the one point where the team totally relies on the approach and action of the project manager. The project manager should give proper guide and give direction to the team to fulfill the goal of the project.

4. The third most important role of the project manager is to communicate with the team member to avoid any communication gap. It is essential to give proper guide to the project team to fulfill the agenda of the projects and also keep them update about the development.

5. The good project manager should analyze the skill to get the better results of the project.

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