I asked Beth Flarida, a professional Organizer & Efficiency Expert for businesses to write an article that combined organizing tips with attraction principles for this week’s issue. She did a great job of fulfilling my request. Enjoy!

How often do you walk into your office and want to turn around and walk back out? Are you overwhelmed just by the sight or thought of your office?

Let me share some simple tips about the 5 key areas of your office you want to make flow so you never feel that way again.

1. Your Office Space – The way you set up your office is so important to its flow. Can you easily access the things you need on a regular basis? Keep the things you use most often within reach of your desk. 

2. Your Time / Schedule – Don’t overload yourself with appointments so that you are worried about being late for everything and have to rush. There is nothing that drains you more than being stressed. You want to be on time and make a good impression. Whether you have an appointment outside the office, on the phone or are working on something in your office by yourself, give yourself enough time to handle it. Block your time realistically. If you’re working in your office set a timer for the amount of time you’ve blocked. Then you are able to work without watching the clock. You will be so much more productive.

The thing is when we overbook our time we get less done because we’re feeling pressure all day long. By scheduling less you will actually get more done. Try it!

3. Your Paper – Have a place for it. Have a filing system that makes sense to you. That way, when you are looking for something, you will know right where to go and find it. For ongoing projects and upcoming events, a tickler file is a great way to keep on top of things. The papers are out of sight but never out of mind.

4. Your Email – These days, this is probably the most difficult area of your office to keep up on. All day long whether you’re there or not, the emails keep on coming. Have folders set up to file the ones you want to archive, read later, use as a resource, etc. Turn off the bell, icon or you’ve got mail reminder. Only check your emails at set intervals that fit your schedule. Schedule a realistic amount of time for dealing with them. Again, set a timer if you need to. Set a limit on the number of emails you’re comfortable having in your inbox and stick to it!

5. Your Purging System – This may be the most important area of your office in order to maintain flow. If you never purge anything from your paper files, computer files or emails the space will just continue to fill up. Once your computer gets full it slows down and inhibits productivity. Once your file drawers get full you will pile. Schedule time to purge. Whatever works for you is perfect. Maybe it’s 20 minutes a week or 2 hours a month, doesn’t matter as long as you stick to it.

That is the key to all of this. At first it might be a struggle, but stick to it. Once you do it becomes habit and then there’s no turning back. Get your office to flow and it’s absolute magic!

Beth Flarida is the owner of Get It Together. She is a Certified Professional Organizer, productivity coach & efficiency expert for businesses since 1991. 
Visit Beth on the web at http://www.getbeth.com and sign up for her free weekly newsletter, Answers From The Organizer®. Then claim your free 20-minute Problem Solving Strategy Session and jumpstart your organizational goals! 

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