MySpace is one of the biggest online community website to communicate and gather people to from the different part of the world.

It allow different group of people with different interest to communicate and share their experience. The one more advantage with the registering with MySpace is users are free to prepare their own layout.

You can create good and creative MyScape layouts to attract many people to watch your page. There are many people prepare the blog too.

MySpace provides various tools to prepare an attractive blog, user are free to choose the image as background into the blog. Attractive layout of the blog also reflects your personality too.

The users are free to imagine the layout and make it so by using the different tools. MySpace provides two basic layouts, one is girly layout and another is retro layout. If user do not wish to use these two layouts than user can select their own layout.

Here are the key tips to create attractive layout using MySpace tools

1. You must have to imagine your MySpace page layout because MySpace page layout can representing you in the world community.

2. You can decide in which medium you design your layout. If you know HTML than it is much easier to make the layout.

3. If you know CSS than it is easier to update your page once in a month.

4. Using different images every month to make your MySpace page more attractive.

5. You must have to update details on the page and put some good quotes too.

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