No matter what it is that you were trying to achieve in life, you must always possess two things in order to be successful… focus and concentration. Many of us have the best of intentions when starting a new project or endeavor but find ourselves distracted by the many things we have to deal with in life on an ongoing basis which help veer us off track and we end up losing sight of our goals and failing to make progress.

One area of our lives that can be extremely hard to reach your goals is the area of health and fitness. Reaching your goals in this area is extremely difficult and will often require the highest level of focus and concentration you can muster. Below are five simple tips to help you increase your focus and concentration when trying to reach your personal fitness goals.

1. Identify, then get rid of distractions - in trying to identify the distractions that prevent you from reaching your fitness goals, simply make a list of the different aspects of your life do you deal with on a daily basis. This could be your kids, your spouse, your job or anything else you do with a consistent basis. In addition, also list the things that you do with surrounding or involving your workout time. This might include listening to music, where you workout, your workout partner etc. You may not be able to a lemonades every distraction that you have in your life but if you work to reduce the ones that cause you the most distractions he can help you get back on target and focus on making progress with your goals.

2. Check your diet - research has shown that diets high in saturated fat and sugar help reduce your ability to concentrate. Monitoring your diet and reducing your intake of foods in these areas can certainly help to improve your concentration. In addition, keeping your body hydrated with plenty of water will help in this area as well. Your brain needs water to perform at an optimal level so give it what it needs and it will reward you with increased focus and concentration.

3. Give Meditation a try - if you have never tried meditation before, perhaps now is the time. Many definitions of the word meditation include the words focus and concentration as bad as the prime goal of this exercise. Taking time to yourself and clearing everything from your mind and working to focus on one specific thing can help bring a sense of relaxation to your body and help to de-stress yourself which will in turn allow your body to become more focused on whatever goals that you set for it.

4. Make your goals VISIBLE - it is extremely important to have specific goals you were trying to get in better shape toward better health. Just knowing what they are is not good enough but instead you must put these goals down on paper. Research has shown that simply by writing down your goals you will be many more times likely to actually achieve them. In addition, having these goals visible to you on a daily basis will help to increase your focus and concentration on achieving them.

5. Grab a partner who will keep you on track - One of the biggest distractions you can have in trying to achieve specific health and fitness goals is to have a partner or others around you that help distract you from your goal. Often times and their lack of focus and concentration spills over into your mindset is well and you find yourself talking about the latest TV show that you solve rather than concentrating on the workout that you're doing. It may take a bit of trial and error to find a partner that is a good complement for you, but doing so maybe the best thing that you ever did to help increase your focus and concentration.

Author's Bio:, aka Emile Jarreau. is a 31-year veteran fitness professional and co-owner of in Long Beach, California. Also having 19 years of bodybuilding and figure coaching experience, he specializes in fat loss and all its aspects and freely shares online resources to the world.