The vacuum cleaner is one of the important tools for cleaning home in the weekend time for all US people.

It is most essential tools for clear out the dust from the carpet and flooring as well as furniture and beds. There are various types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market depends on the usage.

1. You must have to consider the floors are of your home to decide the vacuum cleaner. If you want to clean the floor than you must have to clean it with the proper brush and plates. It is essential to set the vacuum cleaner to according to your usage.

2. In floor cleaning, you need to set your vacuum height low and set the wheels and plate at lower side so your floor cant get affected.

3. If you use to clean the carper than you must have to use the more capacity vacuum cleaner. On the floor the dust and other ailments are more so you can set the vacuum cleaner by using more suction power. You must have to set the height according to the usages.

4. It is essential to prefer the bag models so the dust can’t be spread in the Air. It is ideal to choose the bag vacuum cleaner rather than bag less model.

5. There are other types of vacuum cleaner are available in the market specially design for the people suffering from allergy or asthma.

In this type of vacuum cleaner the dust is collected at outside unit of the home. It is advisable to prefer the vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. You must have to select the vacuum cleaner suitable for HEPA filter.

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