The US government has released Anti-Spam policy 2003 to protect against the Spamming.

The majority of the corporate houses use spam filter to protect it from spamming. There are different types of anti-spam software or spam filters are installed into the computer to avoid the spamming.

1. The first thing is do not share your information online in any free registration, web pages, survey and product listings etc.

2. There are many anti-spam software providers provides anti-spam solution to solve the problem of spam mails. Many company installed software which require authentication of the e-mail to get the solution.

3. There are free Open Source solutions are also available to get free software. It is essential to use the Open Source solutions to protect from the Spam e-mail. The Open source spammer provides solutions. There are many people use Open Source solution for anti-Spam solutions.

4. The email provider also provides facility of blacklist to enter spam mails into the blacklist. The email receives from the blacklist. All email enters from server to subscriber and get into the blacklist.

5. The other effective method is DNS blacklisting. It is most easy solution to avoid remote mail transfer agent.

It is important to install the firewall and anti-virus and spy ware to protect it from the viruses. It is necessary not to share any information online. The spammer collects the information from the online sources and sends it in bulk for product promotion and advertisement. It is better not to read any unknown email and straightaway delete from the Inbox.

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