Trading is an art of trade the stock randomly and get the profit from the stock trade.

Select the trade by making the research and decide the stock for the trade. There are many ways to select the stocks.

Here are the different strategy adopt by the traders:

1. Smart traders always select good script with background research and not stick on the particular script at all the time. The market will always swing sectorwise, sometime IT sector script get good gain while sometime cement sector get swing upwards. All depend on the sectoral development and policy changes. The smart investor considers all the reasons in mind and decide the script for the trade for particular period so that trades get profit from the trade.

2. Some traders trade only particular script only for the year around. They think that it is easy to keep watch on the particular script rather than changing the script constantly. The single or more script can easily manage. The trader understands the move of the share and therefore act on it. Trader also understands the company and their financial results and forecasting.

3. There are some traders who trade in the low-dollar stocks and the low-volume stocks. However return are not more but the low-dollar stocks are always gaining and get good return in the future. The low-dollar script is not swinging much sp you can get thing margin but definitely get the profit out of it if you enter the right time.

4. If you want to gain more with enough risk, you must have to elect some flag scripts. The major investor is trading in the flag script so the trade volume is big and there are possibilities for getting handsome profit or loss in the script. The big trader are always trading in a Big “Pond”

5. You can use various software tools to identify the stock and trade accordingly. You can select the types of script according to your choice.

Trading needs constant monitoring of stocks through the eagle eyes. Do the exercise for the next morning trade by yesterday ups and down of the stocks. Considering all the factor decide the proper stock and accordingly take the decision on the mood of market swing.

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