I can remember a time when all I did was complain that I couldn’t meet the kind of guy I dreamed about for myself. I was going from one bad relationship to another.

It seems like a lifetime ago. As soon as I started changing the way I was thinking, Mr. Right appeared. It took me a while to focus in on him, but he was there.

Does this sound like you?

"Sometimes being a gay man at 48 is more than discouraging. I wish there was a way to meet other gay men who are interested in establishing a LTR, but all I seem to run into are swingers and those who are only out for a one night stand/hook-up! It saddens me that so many use the word "date," "relationship," but don't even know what the words mean; much less carry it out.” --Anonymous

It’s fascinating the kinds of inquiries I’ve been getting since I launched my coaching practice. It seems there is a huge relationship crisis among gay men.

Are you frustrated by repeating the same painful dating and relationship choices while expecting different results? Perhaps it’s because you are too focused on what you don’t want that it’s actually manifesting externally.

How can you stop this vicious cycle in its tracks?

It’s simple. Focus on what you want. Whether you want that long-term meaningful relationship or a single’s life that shout’s, “I am fulfilled,” following these simple strategies will get you on the right track.

1. STOP using words like, “can’t, shouldn’t, it’s really hard or discouraging.”

2. Seize the moment! Sit in stillness with something you are struggling with and try to recognize how you are feeling in the moment. Are you angry, scared or sad? Turn the negative into a positive and chances are the emotion will change with it.

3. Do some housekeeping. Slowly let go of the toxic people in your life. These people will dilute your dreams and keep you stuck in the past. Start surrounding yourself with people who support and inspire you.

4. Mind your own business! Don’t concern yourself with how other guys are dating or relating. Make the change in YOURSELF that you want to see in the world. The rest will follow!

5. Take these strategies with a grain of salt. Take your time… you don’t have to change overnight.


Remember, being single isn’t a burden, it’s an OPPORTUNITY!

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Greg Halpen works with highly motivated and successful single gay men who are frustrated by repeating the same dating and relationship choices expecting different results.

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