I watch people want clients, but not take action. They are seemingly ready, but they complain more than ACT. I know that's a bit harsh, but it is the reality of being an authentic entrepreneur. If you are really ready to help more people, you have to market and move. So, I have put together 5 steps that are specific and aggressive. If you really want more clients, then jump in.

(1) DECIDE. GET serious about marketing. Get serious about spending 3-5 hours a day on getting new clients and filling your pipeline. This is not a time for excuses or to "kinda" do it. Are you marketing 3-5 hours a day? If the answer is not YES, then the answer is Hell No. Oops, excuse me. How do you do this? Make a plan. Map out the time. I built my business to six figures working a 60-hour a week day job. You can find the time if you agree to put all EXCUSES in the 2008 pile and burn them today!

(2) TARGET. Choose one specific pain or problem you will address and market only to that (losing 20 pounds, leaving corporate America, buying first home, making more money, etc.) So, again, choose one pain or problem your clients face and focus only on that for now. Tailor your emails, message and marketing to that one area and get as specific as possible.

(3) FIRE HOSE MARKET. Don't trickle, network or mention your business. It's time to pull out the big guns and take the fast fire hose approach. Email every friend and family member about the target you chose above in Step 2 on how you can help, go to THREE (yes I said three) networking events over a 10-day period, find one place to do paid advertising about this pain, email 10 organizations about speaking to their group on this topic, contact old prospects that did not sign on, email your database, etc, etc... This is just a start. Create a 7-10 day mega Fire Hose Marketing Campaign to reach every possible person you can, discuss that pain, offer your solution and have a way to bring them in (usually via a complimentary session.)

(4) GIVE IT AWAY. Come up with something that is a generous and authentic giveaway during this week that will give clients a "taste" of what you do. Some ideas are a teleclass, a workshop, complimentary session, audio, e-book, etc. When you give the very best of you away, people will pay for the rest! Remember to make sure it is clear how they can take the next step to working with you.

(5) BELIEVE. Please don't skip this. I know you may be thinking, "Well certainly I need to believe I can do it." If you even thought that for a second, then you don't already believe your own value and worth. People need your gifts. You can ease their pain, their challenge, their struggle. You do not attract clients without knowing deeply that YOU are needed and the way you share that is through marketing. Clear the cobwebs out of your inner being and breathe in the possibility not just for yourself, but for all those you will serve.

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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Suzanne Evans is best known as the 'action expert' and has coached hundreds of solopreneurs to model her multiple six figure business. Learn how you can help more people, make more money and have more fun doing what you love by signing up for your free copy of the 5-Part Mini-Course 'Awakening Your Authentic Entrepreneur' at http://www.helpmorepeople.com