“I believe that most people are trying to live a 24 ounce life in a 12 ounce glass”
Bob Donnell
Next Level 4 Success

What does that mean? Well, I have found in all of my coaching, the seminars I have attended and the seminars that I have given that most people are wanting to experience more of life that they can possibly handle.
Jim Rohn says “If you will become, you can attract” and to “work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

I have found that most people work very little on themselves and yet want incredible results to just happen for them. That would be by accident, what I am proposing is living a life by design rather than by infliction.

“Living the 24 ounce life is more than just getting more money, a better car or even a nicer house! It is about living the life that you were created and designed to live and not merely the life that has been inflicted upon you”

The following are five easy ways for each person to start living the 24 ounce life:

Personal development:
- invest in yourself in books, tapes, videos, seminars (But only if you will actually use them)

Surround yourself with quality people (remember like attracts like)
-studies have shown that our incomes, and lifestyles will be somewhere in the average of the 5 people we spend the majority of our time with. To many this means find new friends
3. Break your day into 5 areas, and do something in each area every day!
- Family
- personal
- mental/educational
- spiritual
- business (oh, by the way it is not by mistake that business is last on the list, if you become better in the other areas, your performance will become better in your business, no matter what the business!

4. Be sure to give ( giving is foundation for receiving.) “You can have anything you want in life, if you will help enough people get what they want first.” Zig Ziglar

5. Be grateful for everything: just because you don’t like everything, does not mean that everything does not have a purpose in the bigger scheme of things than you understand at present.

Author's Bio: 

Bob Donnell, Next Level 4 Success

“Most people are trying to live a 24-ounce life in a 12-ounce glass.” -Bob Donnell

Bob founded and operates Next Level 4 Success, a training facility in Temecula geared toward helping people better their professional and personal lives. He was the host of a weekly 30-minute radio show, Motivation To Live By and now broadcasts weekly to members and guests worldwide weekly, with online video and chat conferencing. He is the founder of the Next Level Center in Temecula and uses it to broadcast live events as well as to hold seminars, meetings and workshops while also giving a platform for speakers, authors an strategic partners to reach an audience of people looking to expand both their personal and business development!

Bob has spent nearly 20 years studying successful people from all walks of life and various industries. His passion for learning and for helping others to learn has given him a unique advantage and position to help others take action whereby changing the results that they are getting. Bob’s programs are designed to encourage, motivate and challenge people to implement the knowledge which they receive in order to get greater results. From real estate to construction, entertainment to athletics, Bob has helped individuals and companies achieve more and get the results they desire.

His ability to communicate with energy, passion and conviction is what
keeps companies and individuals inviting him to share.

Bob knows loss and is able to relate them to his motivational speaking engagements. Bob lost his mother while he was in High School and, since he never knew his father, was on his own at an early age. He lost his three year old daughter in a car accident and was there to provide CPR until the paramedics arrived. Three of her organs went to people who are alive today because of her tremendous sacrifice.

Studying Successful People
Bob has worked with the entertainment industry and has had the privilege of
being exposed to such artists as: Garth Brooks, The Backstreet Boys, Reba
McIntyre, Will Smith and working with the Academy Awards, WB Music
Awards, Victor Awards and The Grammy's just to name a few. It was during these studies & encounters that he was able to investigate and develop a game plan for success both in business and in life.

In the 80’s, after high school, Bob founded a non-profit program working with challenging adolescence. The program’s board of directors was comprised of psychologists, psychiatrists, police officers and parents. At that time, Bob was called into public schools to work with kids who were facing tough situations academically and at home.

Bob founded a promotional venture and provided services for major events and private parties. He worked with companies such as Budweiser, Golden State Foods, Oakley, Long Beach Grand Prix, The Pond of Anaheim, Miller Genuine, California Speedway and many others.