It is important task for the user to know the compatibilities of computer and the video card.

It is essential to see the configuration of the computer to provide support to the video card.

1. When you buy the video card, you must have to know the speed of your CPU because CPU play an important role in delivering the graphic design work. Normally it is advisable to purchase the 500 MHz CPU to make the work faster while less capacity CPU can’t run fast.

2. You need to get the 3D API which is very fast responding. There are different types of video card available by the different manufacturer to get the suitable video card. Depends on the application, you need to select the suitable video card.

3. In certain video games you need to access higher frame. To access this you need to use the faster accelerator.

4. The 3D designing firm also needs editing work of 3D games. It is important to install the suitable video card which supports the editing work.

5. At present 3D development centre install combination of 2D and 3D card so that they perform both works at same speed.

There are different types of 3D video card are available in the market by the video card companies in different models. Each card has its own speed so you need you need to select the card based on the capacity and speed. One of the most essential things while purchasing the video card is to know the CPU configuration properly to know suitable card you need to purchase.

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