Hard drive is one of the important components for the computer. It saves databases and images as well as song according to the usage of the computer.

Some computer also saves engineering drawing as well as 3D images. Hard drive is available in different sizes depends on your usages. If you want to install new drive or reinstall the drive than you must have to follow some steps.

1. First you need to install the hard drive in the computer. It needs to remove the panel if you require. The most crucial thing is to install the jumper of the driver properly. You must need to check that the jumper must be fixed over the pin.

2. Once you install the driver than you need to install the drive into the case. There is a removable bay inside your case. Some drive have removable bay so it is easy to remove it. Incase you do not have removable bay than just insert the hard drive into the driver bay.

3. It is essential to give connection to all cables that attached to the hard drive. You must have to connect the cables with motherboard’s primary and secondary connector. It connects the four pin connector to the power supply.

4. You must have to close the case panel into the case and fit the case with screw.

5. You need to make the power cord and attached in the AC cable. Turn the power on and once your PC get start BIOS setup will detached the driver.

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