Like WiFi system, WiMax can work on the similar way. You can access WiMax internet connection at any distance.

The speed of the WiMax is higher and there are more and more customers are enjoying using the WiMax system because of netter connectivity.

With the better connectivity, the WiMax can provide better connectivity in the interior region in USA because of lack of phone and cable network.

1. The WiMax system provides facilities of internet access through WiMax tower and WiMax receiver. The WiMax Tower is able to cover the larger area in the range of 8 thousand square kilometer. It is like cell phone tower.

2. WiMax receiver and antenna work with same direction as WiFi network. It has inbuilt facilities to access the network. The PCMCIA card is build-in with laptop to receive and deliver the signals.

3. TheWiMax tower station provides high bandwidth facilities like the T3 lines. You can also connect it with wired connection. You can also connect to WiMax tower with microwave link. Connection with one tower to another is the major advantage to get the benefits to connect in the rural area.

4. WiMax provides connection in two kinds of wireless service. There are lines of sight and non-line of sight is available in the WiMax services. In the line-of sight services there is a fixed antenna used at home top or office top to connect the network. The line-of-sight is more static and connectivity is good. You can get the faster speed with less error.

5. With non-line-of-sight network work on the same line with WiFi network. In this case you need small antenna in the computer to get the connection remotely. WiMax provides the services in the range of 2 to 11 GHz.

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