Keyboard is an important part of the computer system. It is one of the most interactive tools through which you can easily feed the database in the word or spreadsheet.

It also controls the computer by using the different commands of the keyboard. The computer keys are design on the basis of type writer.

1. There are different versions of the keyboard available like computer keyboard, gaming keyboard and the multi media keyboard. It is available in simple plastic keyboard layout. Today, laser keyboards are more used by the people.

2. The keyboards are available in different sizes and shapes. Depends on your computer, you must have to select the suitable version of the keyboard according to your needs.

3. The connections of the keyboards are mainly from PS2 and USB2 connection. Apart from the fixed connection, there are wireless keyboard are also use in computer.

4. Keyboard is also use for the gaming purpose. There are various types of keyboards are used in the games too. The gaming keyboards are able to control the game execution and programming with the proper display tools.

5. The multimedia keyboards are also available to execute various multi media programs. There are different shortcut keys are also utilize to make the multi media application easy and you can also control it easily.

The modern key board has more flexible in the various applications. It is design in such a way that it can give enough comfort to the users. New ergonomic key board facilitates the user to perform various tasks through short keys to make the operation easy.

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