Living in a modern, convenient and fast-paced society is such a challenge to have a healthy diet. About food, you have various kinds of options such as fresh food, half-made food, and ready-to-eat microwave food. When you are busy or you do not want to cook because you do not have time to go shopping, what would you eat for lunch or dinner? The fastest way I believe would be fast food like McDonald or Kentucky. Most of the time, they are made up of carbohydrates, sugar, and calories with less nutrition, less vegetable, and fruit. Once in a while, it is fine that you choose to eat it for convenience or during the rush hour. However, if it goes on for a long time without any fresh and nutritious food, there might be something wrong with your health or it might cause damage to your body. Hence, one of the best ways to live a healthy life is to eat a wide range of foods and to choose it wisely.

Nowadays, our current lifestyle or the way we live really damages our health very easily. We eat processed food, have drug and alcohol abuse and other bad habits. We use chemicals and are exposed to environmental pollution such as car exhaust, coal burning, and even cigarette smoke. The pollution would produce more free radicals and damages our cells to increase the aging and serious diseases like cancer and chronic diseases. Therefore, under such high polluting threat, we ourselves, our bodies need more supplies called antioxidants to fight against this. Antioxidants are compounds that reduce the body cell damage and the risk of disease. Antioxidants are usually found in vegetables and fruits. That is the main reason why we are often encouraged to eat those plant-based foods.

Needless to say, each of us has free radicals and antioxidants inside of our bodies at the same times. Our bodies can make part of antioxidants by ourselves and if not enough, we have to get them from natural food like high antioxidant vegetable and fruit. When the levels of antioxidant and free radicals within our bodies are not balanced probably because of poor diet habit, staying up late or other reasons, it would accelerate the aging process and have other bad influence on health.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of antioxidant?

Generally speaking, high antioxidant food is not some kind of strange food that you have not heard of it before. As the matter of fact, dozens of foods are very common and you would be surprised that how familiar you are with it. The most common one we know is natural food with nutrients like beta-carotene, lycopene and vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and etc. The benefits of antioxidant foods to have longevity and health are:

* Boost Immunity System
* Delay The Aging Process
* Good For Detoxification
* Improve And Relieve The Pain Of Arthritis
* Avoid Damage Of Cells And Tissues Against Disease Like * * Stroke And Heart Disease
* Less Cognitive Problems Like Dementia And Or Alzheimer’s
* Protect And Improve Vision Against Eye Diseases And Disorders Like Cataract And Macular Degeneration
* Reduce Inflammation
* Strengthen And Improve Hair Health
* Tissue Repair

Do you know exactly what kind of natural food has high antioxidants?

Now since you understand how antioxidants improve our health, just keep in mind to eat as much more antioxidant food as possible. Let’s see what antioxidant food is. There are hundreds of natural antioxidant foods that improve and protect our health. High antioxidant natural food are including spices and herbs, breakfast cereals, grains, legumes, vitamin E from nuts and seeds, polyphenols from fresh berries, resveratrol from fruit and vitamin C or carotenoids from vegetables, and beverages. You would be surprised at that the more colorful the food is, the more potent antioxidants the food contains.

Based on a research published in 2010 in Nutrition Journal, here is the ranking list. Please take a close look below:

Top 15 Antioxidant Spices and herbs

1. Clove, dried, whole and ground
2. Mint leaves, dried
3. Allspice, dried ground
4. Cinnamon, dried ground
5. Oregano, dried ground
6. Thyme, dried ground
7. Rosemary, dried ground
8. Saffron, dried ground
9. Sage, dried ground
10. Bay leaves, dried
11. Cinnamon sticks and whole bark
12. Nutmeg, dried ground
13. Ginger, dried
14. Dill, dried ground
15. Basil, dried

Top 15 Antioxidant breakfast cereals, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds

1. Walnuts, with pellicle
2. Pecans, with pellicle
3. Sunflower seeds
4. Chestnuts, with pellicle
5. Buckwheat, whole meal flour
6. Peanuts, roasted, with pellicle
7. Pistachios
8. Buckwheat, white flour
9. Millet
10. Crisp bread, brown
11. Barley, pearl and flour
12. Whole wheat bread, toasted
13. Beans
14. Maize, white flour
15. Wheat bread, toasted

Top 15 Antioxidant berries, fruit and vegetables

1. Apples, dried
2. Artichoke
3. Blueberry jam
4. Plums, dried
5. Apricots, dried
6. Curly Kale
7. Chili, red and green
8. Prunes
9. Strawberries
10. Pomegranate
11. Black olives
12. Dates, dried
13. Mango, dried
14. Oranges
15. Papaya

Top 10 Antioxidant beverages

1. Espresso, prepared
2. Coffee, prepared filter and boiled
3. Red wine
4. Pomegranate juice
5. Green tea, prepared
6. Grape juice
7. Black tea, prepared
8. Prune juice
9. Cranberry juice
10. Orange Juice

It is always better and more natural to get antioxidants or any other nutrients from various kinds of real foods. Taking antioxidants in supplement form or concentrated dosages does not guarantee you 100% effective. No matter what supplement you consume, you cannot be sure that it is appropriate, necessary and safe especially when consuming high doses of antioxidants supplements. Therefore, always remember to ask your doctor about whether or not to consume a certain kind of antioxidant supplements if necessary. After all, having a healthy diet and lifestyle is way better than depending on supplements. Here are antioxidant supplements for your information to take a look and must have a thorough discussion with your doctor before you decide to take them:

Top 10 High Antioxidant Supplements

1. Astaxanthin
2. Chlorophyll
3. Frankincense Essential Oil
4. Glutathione
5. Lavender Essential Oil
6. Lutein
7. Quercetin
8. Resveratrol
9. Selenium
10. Vitamin C

What else we can do to live a healthy way and to reduce the exposure of free radicals around us:

* Avoid environmental pollutants such as water and air
* Eat non-GMO and organic food rather than GMO, pesticide and herbicide-laden foods
* Eat processed and refined foods as less as possible such as refined sugar
* Natural, cold-pressed oil like olive oil
* No medication overuse like headache treatment
* Reduce chemical exposure like cosmetics
* Relieve stress and anxiety
* Stable and appropriate exercises such as yoga or meditation

The simpler, the better. Just bear in mind that antioxidants are just a part of your daily diet. To keep good health, you have to keep a balanced diet including fruit, vegetable, good protein, and fat. At least take food of five different colors three meals a day. These foods would work with each other so perfectly. Furthermore, please understand that antioxidant supplements can never replace natural food no matter in any way. Take the whole foods rich in antioxidants first. If you need to take supplements, talk to your doctor to see if any side effects or interactions with your medications.

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