're ready to start one of our fitness walking programs. And you're on the 'Plus' side of 50 as in 50 Plus or 50 Plus Plus or....Right? Great!

(Not quite there yet? That's OK 'junior'. Come on in and see what's in store for you! You might even end up building your own website for 40 Plus Fitness Walkers! so it will be easier when you 'catch up').

Did we hear you say....

Fitness Walking Programs? What's That

In a nutshell these programs are designed to help you get more fit through walking. It moves you closer to achieving all the benefits of walking.

You have specific warm up and stretching exercises to do. You have specific walking times to aim for that are right for you. It gives you step by step guidance. Fitness Walking Programs help you set and reach your goals. You feel better knowing you're on track! Feels even better when you achieve them too!

Keep a Walking Journal to see your progress as you improve. Keep track of when you walked, how many steps you took, how long you walked, how you felt, any ideas that come up. It's amazing what all that fresh air and exercise does for your 'thinking cap'.

It's also really fun when you achieve a milestone and get to check it off. That feels really good! (You're allowed to pump your fist in the air too if you like. Yeah!)

OK. Time to get to work.

Whether you're here because you...

  • just decided it's time to start doing something
  • had a recent health scare and need to do something (perhaps with the 'encouragement' of your doctor)
  • recently worked through your own rehab program (foot, back, knee pain or injury) and feel you're ready to do more or
  • walk OK now and just want to go to the next level's really great to see you here. You've taken a huge first step towards feeling great again. Good for you!

You're almost there. Just one teensy thing before heading to our Fitness Walking Programs. You need to...

Contact Your Health Care Professional

... if any of these conditions apply to you. Tell her you want to start one of our Walking Programs and you want the green light to start walking.

  • Sedentary for a year or more
  • You don't exercise now and are over age 65
  • You've been diagnosed with a heart problem in the past
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You have diabetes
  • You have chest pain, especially when you exert yourself
  • You often feel faint or have dizzy spells
  • Other medical conditions

Got the green light? Excellent.

Fitness Walking Programs - Here You Come!

Foot Wear
Start by choosing the best walking shoes for you. This step is critical. You need the right shoes for you. Shoes that fit properly! Walking is a joy when they do!


Make sure you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing suitable for the weather of the day. Dress to be seen! Make sure you are visible especially if walking in urban areas around traffic. Sun glasses, sunscreen, walking music, hat, gloves, water bottle can come in handy.

Good Walking Technique

You should check out the basics of good walking technique at least once so you 'get off on the right foot!' (Sorry - couldn't resist). Come right back as soon as you're finished.

Warm Up & Stretching Exercises

Start each walk with warm up and stretching exercises at our stretching exercise room. Do this no matter what Fitness Walking Program you're following. This is really important - especially at our age! Those muscles just aren't as limber as they used to be.

Off you go! Come on back when you're done, pick your program and ...

Let's Walk!

Choose Your Fitness Walking Programs

  1. Fitness Walking 1 - a great place to start out.
  2. Fitness Walking 2 - for folks walking 30 minutes a day now
  3. Fitness Walking 3 - for folks walking 60 minutes a day now.
Author's Bio: 

Yoko Nishi has been actively involved with hiking, skiing, and fitness walking for many years. She grew up in the Kootenay region of south-central British Columbia, Canada - a unique playground for most outdoor adventures.

Yoko's love for people lead her to write about outdoor fitness activities. She encourages people young and old, to focus on being happy and fit with simple, do-able steps to bring energy and fun back into their lives.

With the need to help 'inactive' folks over 50 get back on track, she and her partner established a new website especially for them called "50 Plus Fitness Walking".

Based on their experiences, they bring you first-hand information of how to overcome the couch potato syndrome, injuries and past surgeries to get back to fitness just by walking...and feel great again!