Painting interior walls is indeed exciting and overwhelming for any homeowner but there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to getting flawless paint outcome. Applying fresh coats of paint on every single layer requires skills, experience and expertise and homeowners who take the plunge alone simply out of sheer excitement end up making costly blunders to their property. 

This article will shed light on 5 worst interior painting blunders you should always be aware of in order to prevent costly damage to your property.

Using the Wrong Paintbrush

If you ever struggle during a house painting job, check whether you are using the right paintbrush. Applying water-based latex paint with a regular bristle brush can result in lumps and make paint impossible to spread on the rest of the walls. Smooth and flawless paint coats are possible only with the help of the right applicator. If you are unable to determine which paintbrush to use, get in touch with professional interior painters in Rockingham for the best guidance.

Leaving Painter’s Tape Unattended for Long

For well-defined lines and clean edges, use of painter's tape is a must. Although taping ensures 100% professional results, however, if left unattended for long, it can fetch the risk of peeling paint upon removal. Practically, painter’s tape should be removed after an hour of paint application but for people who leave it unattended for long, often come across the problem of peeling paint. 

Neglecting Weather Forecast 

Painting shouldn’t be done during adverse climatic conditions such as humidity, moisture or rain. Most people undertake the job of interior painting without being mindful of weather conditions and end up causing damage to their property. Excessive humidity causes water-based paints to dry quickly whereas freezing temperatures cause uneven drying of paint, resulting in early cracks and peels. If you have little knowledge about interior painting and eager to know when it’s the best time to schedule an interior painting job, it’s better to consult with the professional painters in Mandurah who can help you out.

Not Applying Good-Quality Primer on Walls

While switching from dark paint to lighter hues, it’s necessary to apply good-quality primer which can prevent old colour from bleeding. The key to get flawless paint outcome highly depends on choosing a quality primer and applying it on walls in a professional manner. However, homeowners who fail to prime walls end up with inferior paint outcome and recurring issues of peeling paint, staining and discolouration.

Leaving Roller Marks on Ceiling

The point where walls meet ceiling doesn’t leave enough room for precision. While painting over cramped space, it's easy to bump the ceiling with a roller, thereby requiring a quick touch up job. If the paint hasn’t yet dried, you can quickly spray a few drops of window cleaner on the spot and wipe it away. However, the best way to prevent this issue is by taping the ceiling and painting in horizontal strips. Leave at least 4-5 inches gap in between the edges of walls and ceilings and this will help you execute the task effectively.

Being aware of these costly mistakes can help you get the desired paint outcome you have craved for long. If you find this post helpful, share with your friends leave your valuable feedback.

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