A flawless and free-flowing office fitout speaks volumes about your company’s work culture. It is crucial in improving employee satisfaction and presenting customers/clients a wonderful service experience.

But unfortunately, a lot of companies fail to stick to their initial foresight. And, they are left to pick up the pieces of their substandard planning. Plus, at times, despite their best interests and resources, they still end up making some blunders that ruin their office success.



This post educates you on five of those crucial office fitout mistakes to avoid.

1. Always Rushing The Fitout Planning: Proper preparation is key to achieving a proper office fitout plan. And that is why you should never look to rush into it.

Many owners make this mistake and eventually suffer from a slew of unforeseen refurbishment and structural setbacks. Don’t make this error. You should look to go for a fitout plan that not only helps optimise your workspace but ensure endless growth and prospective lucrative opportunities in the future.

2. Trusting A Dysfunctional Office Layout Design: When deciding your office layout, it is very easy to get carried away by your creative instincts. However; it is better not to envision the office layout through only your eyes. Think about how it will appear from a visitor’s/worker’s perspective.

You should ensure that the layout offers easy navigation, has lots of purposes and is easy on the eye. Look to be inspiring rather than engrossing, and this rule doesn’t just apply to your workspace, but crucial sections like your office break-room, conference room and even the reception area.

3. Poor Lighting & Air Circulation: One good way to keep the office engaging is to incorporate adequate lighting and ensuring proper air circulation.

Skip harsh fluorescent lighting and look to improper oxygen flow as it has a negative impact on all your employee’s productivity and performance.

Instead; take help from experts in office fitouts Perth to add lots of fresh air and natural light.

Also, look to centralise the use of skylights and windows right across the whole office space, as it will help cut down on your monthly electricity bills. Plus, they will also make the office engaging and prove to be an eco-friendly choice for illuminating the whole office space.

4. Unnecessarily Replacing The Other Office Design: Many make the mistake of replicating an office design from Pinterest to leave a poignant impression on your clientele and customers. With quality fitout designs; you also need to maintain corporate transparency to upkeep the reputation of your business.

Instead; you should consult with your chosen specialist in commercial office fitouts Perth to come up with design themes that are quintessentially appropriate for your business’s core values and accomplishments. It is one way to stay apart from your competition, some of who rely on such facades to win their clients over.

5. Improper Budgeting: Always be mindful of your expenses and never improvise your budget as you go along. Improper budgeting stands as one of the biggest office fitout blunders. And unfortunately, it is something that many office owners make during their renovation stage.

The key here is to consult with proficient and experienced office fitout tradesmen serving in Perth and get advice on designs and fitouts that work best in your estimated budget.

It may take some time, but at least you will get the work done within the limits of your budget blueprint, rather than do something in-haste and wiping out thousands extra from your set budget.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a specialist in commercial office fitouts Perth for years. Also, being a writer, the author educates the readers on fascinating aspects of office fitouts Perth to make offices more engaging and interesting!