Have you heard about the amazing health benefits of ginseng? It is surely a wonder herb that can act as an energizer and also offer relief to people who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. Some people have used it alongside their regular cancer treatment and found it to be aiding the process. Throughout America and rest of the world it is being widely consumed for several health and wellness benefits. American ginseng (Panaxquinquefolius) is distinct from the Chinese variety and has found widespread patronage over the years. The variety that is harvested in Marathon Country, Wisconsin is often considered the gold standard for American ginseng.

Though you may have come across several blogs telling you about how it keeps you healthy what is less stated is the use of Ginseng in recipes and beverages. In the powder form, it is a wonderful herb that can add to the taste and fragrance of your food and drinks. There are several recipes prepared with powder extracted by drying Ginseng roots that have become a part of people’s staple diet. If you wish to embrace the health and wellness benefits of Ginseng powder by incorporating them into your diet here are five wonderful recipes you can make using Ginseng powder -

1) Meat Rubs - We all love meat rubs, don’t we? You may have tried several spices for your meat rub over the years but few would have been beneficial to your health. You can turn one of your biggest cravings using this herbal powder. It tastes wonderful and you can even mix it with the spices you have a love for. Try this once and you’d immediately develop a new craving.

2) Smoothies - A smoothie offers you several health benefits and it is the perfect thing to start your day with. When you add some ginseng powder to your smoothie it is complete bliss. Prepare a smoothie with coconut water, some mango slices and half teaspoon of this wonder powder and it tastes marvelous.

3) Ginseng Tea - This comes straight from Korea and this is a great beverage to start your day with. To your regular tea add a few drops of honey and add a pinch of this powder. It adds a distinctive taste to your tea and you would surely love its fragrance.

4) Chicken Broth - This is again a Korean delicacy where you add half teaspoon to your regular chicken broth and you would immediately fall in love with the new fragrance. It is tasty and healthy at the same time.

5) Ginseng Soup - This is perhaps the most popular recipe that is made from ginseng slices and lots of veggies. This is great for your stomach and serves as the perfect appetizer before a good meal. Now add a little bit of ginseng powder to your soup and you will enjoy the taste.

You can easily shop for Ginseng powder online and make it a part of your regular diet. It has its distinctive taste and offers you tons of benefits.

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Summary – In this write-up, we share with you five wonderful recipes that can be prepared using Ginseng powder which apart from their taste also promise you several health benefits.