There are plenty of articles and books out there suggesting people how we can have better sex, a better orgasm, or pieces like "5 Ways You Can Take Your Relationship To The Next Level", and so forth. But how we can achieve those things we often don't hear much of those. Many couples have the assumption that a threesome might help in improving their sex life and relationship, but many have little to no idea on how to have a threesome when you're in a relationship.

Finding someone to have a threesome is difficult. This is why they are called "unicorns" because it's so rare and almost impossible to find somebody who is attracted to both of you. Then there is you and your partner are attracted to her; has agreed to have with you with no strings attached, and emotionally resilient and considerate to not create havoc on your relationship. It's a tall order, I know, but not unusual. So many people are obsessed or should we say they have fantasies of the perfect threesome, but the situation is very much different in reality. The bottom line is if you want the ideal threesome and developing a successful unicorn relationship without ruining your existing relationship requires work. Unless you try harder, there is a possibility that you're wrecking your unicorn relationship as well as your current hetero relationship.

5 Ways You Are Destroying Your Unicorn Relationship

1.Determine If It's Worth It

Ask yourself are you guys want to have a threesome, or is it a fantasy that you and your partner have? If you aren't trying whole-heartedly to make this happen, then its time to reevaluate. Your unicorn relationship won't magically happen on its own.

2.Clear Your Boundaries

If you and your partner are really into threesomes, it is time for you to step up and put a little more effort on to it. If you thought about it and decided to go ahead to have a threesome, make sure both of you are crystal clear about it what you want to get from a unicorn relationship. Keep all communications open throughout the process with your potential unicorn and partner to ensure all of the guys are on the same page.

3.Evaluate Your Options

So you met your potential unicorn dating site and feeling tempted to meet the lady. But give you and your partner a little more time to reevaluate what you guys will be doing later. It's essential that you feel it inside of you before committing. Ask your potential how they think about the arrangement and whether they want to enjoy your threesome or want to have a long-term unicorn relationship. If you or your potential unicorn are having cold feet, turn it down, no matter how painful or awkward the situation may feel.

4.Take Your Unicorn Relationship Slow

If you're new to threesomes, you should take things slow before you get involved in a serious unicorn relationship. It's not required for you to go all the way the first time you meet your potential unicorn. Take baby steps towards the whole thing by having a cuddle or kissing session before doing anything serious. Also, tell your boyfriend or partner to do the same. See how you, your boyfriend and your unicorn felt. Feeling how each party feels is imperative or else you may wreck your unicorn relationship.

5.Ponder On The Jealousy Factor

Jealousy is inevitable with threesomes. If you care a lot about your boyfriend, you may likely have some jealous tendencies of your boyfriend caressing another woman. If you find this uncomfortable and challenging to channel that feeling, you may ruin your unicorn relationship.

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One of the world's largest bisexual websites - one of the founders of BiCupidThe most famous sugardaddy website review author -
One of the world's largest bisexual websites -one of the founders of BiCupid

The most famous sugardaddy website review author -

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