Most of the time, people say that to have a successful business, you need to work on how to handle your clients accordingly especially when you're engaged in a difficult conversation that’s unavoidable, whether it’s with a long time client or a sales call to a new client.

And by businesses I mean all of them, there is no exemption to that. May it be print advertising, food industry, agriculture and a lot more. Now in this article, you would be able to learn on how to somehow to win over a tough conversation without discouraging your difficult client to stick with your deal.

The most vital point during the whole process is how you respond to your client and how they understand the idea of the whole conversation, though most of the business owners know how to handle this situation, there are still some who can’t keep up with the others. So here are some of the tips on how to keep your tough clients without messing up the whole scenario.
Worth over price

Most of the time, difficult conversations are triggered after you talk about the price in a sales situation. Businesses that are under pressure and want to keep up with their fellow stakeholders or under a tight budget would want to make use of everything while spending as little as possible so why not frame the relationship around the worth of the cost to drag the client's mind away from the price in a sales manner.

When you’ll be successful in drifting your customer thoughts towards the worth of your product, they will understand the stand and structure of the whole cost and in that way, it would end the difficult situation you are in.
Honesty is the best policy

When your prospects show dismay or become gruesome during the whole sales conversation, tendencies are, desperate sales advocate would abandon honesty and exaggerate things hoping that they would satisfy their buyer’s desires. Yes, it may help keep the customer from walking away but time will come that they will renounce their promise with the clients and with that the whole relationship ends.

Being an honest sales representative not just proves them that you and your company, as their soon to be business stakeholders, are willing to help them grow their company but it also let them understand that you're serious in keeping them as your client.

In starting up a business, a lot of things is at stake. That includes their professional reputation and as well as their future. So, as an entrusted business partner or representative, always put yourself in their situation so that you’ll understand what they need the most.

If the prospect notice that the salespeople are trying to genuinely attempt to understand the unique situation they’re at, they will know that you value your relationship with them from a business perspective. Not that it will let them feel at ease, it will also balance the conversation, even when the dialogue gets a bit intense. Regardless of how known your company is, how bright your business signs are outside your establishment, or how fast you deliver your promise, if you don’t really know what your customers’ needs are due to lack of empathy, you will still lose that client.
Learn along the process

We all know that in any time of the day you might face a difficult conversation. Instead of being intimidated by the scenario, why not learn from the experience and grow? Try to own the problem or the situation, analyze the issue, and validate the client's concern. You have to explore so that in the future, you’ll know what to do.

One thing that would help you in the future as a business associate and one of the most successful sales reps is to use backup resource and data to be more confident and be prepared in whatever the client throws at you.
Backing off as the last sensible option

Sometimes, backing off as the last option does make sense. If the outcome does not work for either one or both parties and for whatever reason everything does not follow after doing some research before starting the big thing, then it’s not too bad to back off, after all, you will learn from this bad experience.


The key towards a successful business is a persistent sales advocate. It’s great to be persistent but trying to pursue things in a poor situation could make things worse. So, to properly identify the things that are aligned for both parties, understand that your product might not be everyone’s interest yet so narrow down the things you’ll have to work out, might as well follow the steps provided above and on the latter part, your business will make a big impact.

Try to avoid unnecessary things that would hinder your clients to understand the dialogue simply. Be as confident as possible to keep the atmosphere calm as possible.

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When not relaxing on the front porch of his family farm with his trusty dog Rico, Grace Rivera is a dedicated and driven brand consultant. Specializing in design, usage, and placement of impactful signage elements, he knows what it takes to get you noticed in the competitive Boulder business world. He shares his expertise with his local clients and by blogging about the latest trends in business signage and how it impacts brand visibility.