An air cooler is one of the effective devices to keep your room cool during the hot summer months in India and elsewhere. An air cooler uses outside air to run it through its water soaked pads to throw cool air in the room. Hence, the air released by an air cooler is pure and healthy for you.

An air cooler is also an economical option compared to an AC, which may hurt your expenses. You can get an air cooler in India starting at Rs.4,000 or more, while the price of even an affordable AC starts at around Rs.20,000.
Many people also believe that an air cooler won’t be able to control the heat, but they may not be running it efficiently. Hence, if you have an air cooler or want to buy one and willing to make it work efficiently, then here is a write-up to help you out.

Easy ways to make your air cooler work without flaws

1. Ensure proper ventilation in the room

Maintaining a consistent air flow in the room where you have placed the air cooler is important for cooling. It’s equally vital to create proper ventilation in the area to push off the humidity. To do that, you can open windows in your room. However, the windows should not be opened wider as it will increase the room’s temperature.

2. Place the air cooler right in front of the window

Where you place the air cooler is also essential to ensure effective cooling. The best place, in this regard, is keeping the air cooler in front of the window. The concept is simple – hotter the air, the faster the evaporation and cooler the air thrown by the fan. Once you have set the air cooler, it should not be moved around.

3. Water and ice in the air cooler

You also need to ensure that the level of the water being used in an air cooler is clean and up to the level of indication. What’s more, you can also add ice to the water on an extremely hot day to make the cooling pads even cooler leading to cool air. Don’t add too much ice as it may delay the evaporation process to hamper the efficiency of the air cooler. Many air coolers come with a dedicated chamber to put ice cubes in it.

4. The cleaning of the air cooler

Cleaning of an air cooler also plays a huge role in running the machine for a long time. Many people continue running their air coolers without cleaning it for a long time. As a result, the cooling efficiency of the air cooler decreases day by day. The users assume that the device is now past its prime, and buy a new one. Rather than doing this, they can simply clean the water tank and ensure there are no leaks. Also, swiping the fan blades often can also improve the efficiency of the machine.

5. Handle the air cooler with utmost care
Although an air cooler looks rough, the machine also needs to be handled with care to accompany you for many years to come. You should be aware that placing it on uneven platforms, moving it while it is on and interfering with blades may lead to its wearing down. Hence, it may compromise the product and may make it faulty. As a result, you may be unable to make the most of an air cooler for a long time.

The temperature in India is on the rise, and bringing home an air cooler may be the best thing to beat the beat without poking a hole in the pocket. You are now also aware of some of the significant tips to increase the efficiency of an air cooler. Considering the same can help you maintain the air cooler for a long time.

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