Find your target audience.
Sometimes as business owners, we have the perfect the product with the wrong a target market in mind than the one that buys our product. This will lead;
* Wrong pricing your product may be too expensive for your customers that this will lead to very low sales.
* Wrong advertising. Advertising to the wrong market will not help your sales. Simply because they will not want your product enough to pay for it.
Advertising makes sure that customers know you exist. It is useless to have the best product if the customer does not know you exist.
* Invest in advertising in mainstream media if your budget can handle it. Make sure that advertise to your target market. Make them aware of your promotion customer rewards and why your product is better than your competition.
* Craft an advertising strategy that will not only reach your target audience but also shows your company's values that will cause your target audience to trust your brand.

Establish your brand.
Sometimes sales are low simply because people do not trust your brand. For any business there a need to build a brand name. It is not just enough to advertise For example Nike in their new campaign used an athlete that is known for fighting for equality for people of color in their new campaign. This has made them stand out given them a platform that advertising can not give them.
* Create a logo
* Get a tagline
* Get a mission statement
* Create values, for example, their cosmetic companies that refuse to taste their products on animals and this why they are popular with some customers buy from them
* Take part in social responsibility within your community
Before you go ahead to create your brand it is important to have a brand audit to make sure that you know what the public thinks about your brand. Then take the necessary steps to build your brand.

Interact with your customers.
Find out what they love about your product and also what they think you should improve, change or remove about your product.
* For any business to be successful it should be interacting with customers. Maybe you could change a single thing about your product like packaging to help triple your sales.
* Make sure that there is a constant communication between you and your customers. Use platforms like social media that you can have conversations with them in real time.
* Make sure that their voice is heard and also their suggestions are put in practice. This will help them feel valued and part of your creative process. This will help you create customers for life.

Promotions and customer rewards
It costs five times more to convince new customers than to keep the old ones.
Customer rewards make loyal customers and create new ones.
Create a customer reward program
* give discounts
* access for new products
* Reward points for purchasing

Customers will have a reason to buy your product and they will feel valued.
Well, planned customer reward system is the best strategy to improve sales over and over again.
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