"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." Marianne Williamson

Being stronger does not always equate to being the winner. Consider times when there is an upset, the obvious favorite is beaten by the underdog. How does an underdog defeat the favorite? Even though the favorite was physically stronger the opponent beat the odds.

Underdogs, coming up from behind, ending up winners are noteworthy. They are evidence that there is more to winning than just physical strength and prowess. Intangible qualities i.e. mindset, drive and determination, creates their edge.

Winning is an internal game. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions are an untapped resource, a driving force. Peak performance is more than just natural physical talent.

Be a skeptic. Fact is fact. Your beliefs directly affect your performance. In fact attitude is contagious, affecting the other members of your team.

Consider the last time someone you knew expressed doubt about your ability to win a race. The seed was planted. Depending on how much significance or attention you gave it, it might begin to sprout and grow. Eventually your confidence becomes overshadowed by this one comment which grew like a wild weed. A side comment, well placed, can destroy countless hours of preparation.

Interested in knowing how the underdog becomes a winner? Regardless of the sport, these five beliefs inspire winning results:

1. Strong sense of self-worth and drive. Confidence and persistence stem from self-worth. Believing you are just as worthy of greatness as anyone else strengthens self-esteem. Even if you don't have high self-esteem right now, it is your desire to be great which propels you to continue toward your goal.

2. Always be a student, seeking the knowledge you need to get better. Commitment to do whatever is necessary for peak performance. Seek out the information to learn how to improve. Your performance is always a work in progress. If your goal is to be at the top of your game, there is no room for complacency. Information is readily available by watching video, talking with others who can help you, reading and continuing to work on improving your focus and technique.

3. Persistence and tenacity to continue taking steps to move toward your goal. There are days when you are going to question why you are continuing to do this. It appears to be never-ending; as soon as you overcome one hurdle another appears. Your vision of what is possible motivates you to continue taking action, no matter what the present circumstances appear to be.

4. Recognizing the value of surrounding yourself with others who share a similar belief and passion. You might not agree, but maintain a sense of humbleness. Athlete's egos get them into trouble. Entitlement and complacency lead to downfalls. Maintaining your reason to reach your goal fuels your passion to excel.

5. Continuing to be the best you can defines who you are. It is the process of who you become as you seek mastery in your sport. You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and explore the depths of your ability. You diligently work toward your goal, understanding the value of time and effort spent practicing. The process is enriching for you because it has deep, personal meaning.

Inspiration and dedication combined with physical abilities is a powerful force.

The desire to master the skills necessary to reach your goals creates focus, motivation to overcome obstacles which arise and fosters commitment and dedication. These beliefs provide focus, momentum and action.

Activity: Do you know which thoughts are affecting your performance? There are beliefs which drive your actions. What are the "yes, buts" and hesitation? Write down 3 limiting thoughts you have. Then write down how they impact your performance. How would you perform differently if you did not have those thoughts? Now write what you think the opposite would be to those thoughts you are having. Here is the challenge, the next time you practice or have an event focus on the new thoughts instead and see if that changes your energy and performance. And then let me know what happened.

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From Loren Fogelman, the Sports Performance Consultant, founder of Inner Game for Winning Athletes.com