I will already assume that you know it is imperative to secure your website against bad guys. However, most of the time when you get to the internet to look for a good solution, you are faced with complex concepts that you don’t even know how to go about. I will not have to say that these solutions are not functional, I will just tell you that there are some simple, basic practices that you can follow to improve the security of your website.

Apart from improving the security of your website, there are several other cases when your website lands into trouble. The wisest decision is to make sure that someone is always there to tackle all the problems before something worse happens. The good thing is that there are several companies that are available in the market today that can offer solutions to any site all the time. If you have had a long time fixing some of the problems with your website, then you should get in touch with fixed.net for the expert advice and solutions.

Besides getting the best solutions to all your website problems, the best thing is to prevent the problem. There’s no better way of preventing problems with your website rather than making sure that it is safe. In this brief, we are going to discuss several essential things that you can do to make sure your website is secure from the bad guys.

Utilize CAPTCHAs

This stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell computers and Humans apart. If you are already a website owner or even user, then this acronyms should be sounding familiar. This is one of the best ways that are available today to be sure that your website is secure from robot logins. This technology is the best if you want to keep spammers that are trying to automatically get access to your website away. It aims at blocking automated access to a certain website and give access to only direct signups.

Since the introduction of this technology, there are several people who have tried to test whether CAPTCHA is effective. As a matter of fact, most of them come to find out that this method is one of the most effective methods that exist today that can significantly reduce the effects of spammers and other automated access to your website significantly.

Keep your software Up-to-Date

This is another wise move that can maintain the security of your website. You have to keep all the platforms and scripts you have installed to get access to your signup details up to date. In most of the situations, Hackers will target security flaws in your website and this is one of them. For this reason, you have to ensure that all the all the software in your smart device is up to date. What this mean is that if you really care about your site’s security, then you have to make sure that all the software are up to date.

Enforce strong password policy

There’s no better method of being certain that your website is secure than creating strong passwords. One thing that most site owners don’t know is that hackers utilizes strong and sophisticated tools that in most of the cases uses brute force to crack password.

If you want to be sure that no hacker can use brute force to jailbreak your website you have to take time to create complex passwords and Usernames. The password should contain uppercase letters and Lowercase letters, numeric and other special characters. Just try and make your password at least 10 characters long.

Additionally, you should ensure that all the workers that may be using this password really understands the needs to have a secure website. They should be knowing how much time and money you have invested in making the website secure.

You also supposed to make it easy for you to detect any practice of brute force attack so that you can take appropriate actions within the shortest time possible. The good thing is that there are some hosting providers who usually offer brute force detection services for the rapid username and password combination submission. However, it is supposed to be personal responsibility to ensure that you have strong passwords for your website.

Build Layers of Security Around your website

I bet you usually lock your car or your house any time you are not around. If you feel like there are any risks, you have to ensure that your website is secure by installing antivirus software on your desktop computer before you start browsing the website. The first line of defense should be a security system in your website. You can use a Web Application Firewall because it is one of the best mechanisms of ensuring your website is secure and safe.

Firewalls are aimed at inspecting upcoming traffic and at the same time provide and weed malicious requests. What this means is that it provides protection from SPAM brute force attacks, cross site scripting, SQL injections and other OWASP top threats. The good thing is that today there are several providers in the market aimed at making your website secure.

Switch to HTTPS

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is another good way of ensuring your website is secure. It is used to transfer sensitive data between a website and a web server. This means that by moving your website to the HTTPS protocol essentially means adding an encryption layer of Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer to your HTTP making your site more secure.

The bottom line

There are several ways through which you can secure your website. You just have to make sure that you have got the best methods to secure your website. The above are just few methods that you can use to secure your website. There are several others such as making Admin Directories tough to spot, using security software, preventing users from uploading files, installing an SSL certificate and many others.

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