A great morning can set the tone for our day. It is the period when it can be hard to avoid laziness too as we just get out of our bed. The urge to sleep again is often hard to resist and that can decrease the time we have to be productive. If we want to manage our daily work productivity well, then we must know how to overcome our morning laziness.

This is not to say that getting enough hours of sleep is bad though. In fact, I believe that sleeping well is one of the keys to work optimally.

After all, according to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, we will do significantly worse work because of insufficient sleep. Low quality of sleep often leads to much decreases in our work productivity and performance.

Thus, the key to overcoming morning laziness is not reducing the sleep that makes us not getting enough of it. We simply have to program our morning and the routines that we do after we wake up to be better.

The Importance of the Right Morning

We may need to get enough sleep. It doesn’t mean, however, that we should make it a habit to get up late until we are bored of sleeping.

If we spend too much time sleeping in bed, then we simply run out of time to be allocated for productivity. The important thing is to get enough sleep, but not way much more than needed.

When you have a productive morning in which you have slept enough, then it will improve your mood to work significantly. You will have the time to prepare for your daily activities and do the things unattended during your working hours. It simply gives you the head start that you need for a productive day.

Thus, the importance of the right morning cannot be underestimated. Having that should allow you to support significantly the things that you do in your working hours.

The Tips for a Great and Productive Morning

So, what are the things that you can do to have that kind of a productive morning? Well, here are some approaches that you should implement:

  • Establish a regular pattern for your sleep
    This tip is important for you to get enough sleep while also waking up early. For adults, the ideal hours to sleep is seven to nine hours. You should try to establish a fixed time for your sleep which can accommodate that range of hours. It should be the time that allows you to sleep and wake up early. Doing so should help you to get enough sleep while still have a productive time in the morning. It might be hard to adapt at first but through time, your body should get used to the schedule you establish.
  • Make the light comes in
    We know that darkness makes it even harder for us to fight the urge to sleep. Therefore, one of the first things that you should do after waking up is to make sure the light goes in. Besides helping your mind to wake up, the light should also make you enjoy more morning vibes in the room.
  • Set a wake-up routine
    Set one thing that you should do after waking up. It should be something easy to do with the main intention of getting you out of bed. For example, the activities can be something like brushing your teeth or drinking a cup of coffee. This wake-up routine will help you in avoiding the urge to sleep again immediately at the time you should wake up.
  • Exercise early
    One thing that you can do to set up a productive morning is exercising. Doing it should make you feel fitter to do the rest of your daily activities. Spared time like 30 minutes should be enough for things like jogging or yoga in the morning. It might also help you to build a daily exercise habit. After all, you might not have the time later in the day for exercising because you are busy with your work.
  • Plan your morning
    The key to being productive in your working hours is to plan what to do in it. This is also true for your morning. Plan the things that you want to do in the period should help you make the most of your morning. If there isn’t a special thing you need to do, then you might want to plan for regularly done activities. Besides exercising, you might want to use the time to check emails, read the latest news, etc. The morning plan of regular activities should help to build a good habit of making your morning productive too.

Have you optimized your morning to set up a productive tone for the rest of the day? Implement the tips above should help you in doing so. Overcoming morning laziness can be the key you need to get more things done in your working hours.

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Dan Kristoph is a person who loves to read and write about self-improvement materials, He is the founder of Positivity Stories, a website which aims to give positive vibes in life for its visitors. Grab his free e-book which talks about simple good habits that you can implement in life.