You're running, and you know you're going to look great; however, there seems to be a problem, you're friends are hanging out at the movies in 20 minutes, you have a side ache, and you feel like your wasting your valuable time. Where did that motivation go?

The fact is many people, including my self, have trouble getting the motivation to successfully complete a workout. Here are 5 tips to motivate yourself to get a great workout in from start to finish.

1. Join a sports team

If you enjoy running, go for Cross Country or Track. Almost all high schools and colleges offer sports. There's also sports teams outside of school that you can join. There's always something to fit your unique physical abilities. Sports teams help motivate you to work out by the power of peers. Workouts always seem to go by quicker when you're with someone. Coaches also provide that 'push' you may need.

2. Get a workout buddy

Friends are your most powerful tool in getting fit. Grab that friend that's always complaining about what shape he/she's in and get moving. Good friends can make the time pass impossibly fast. It may even turn your workout routine into something fun!

3. Focus on the result

Whatever your result might be, keeping it in mind when working towards it is something we commonly forget. We often drown out heads in negative thoughts, and this is the fast route to giving up. Instead of telling yourself "Wow, my feet really hurt," tell yourself "Wait till homecoming this year, I'll get a date no problem!"

4. Have confidence in yourself

This may sound cheesy, but it does go a long way. Tell yourself that you're strong. Your mind is your greatest foe in workouts. Everyone's different, but the true athletes have put aside their pain and pushed through it.

5. Distract yourself

Perhaps the most obvious tactic is to think about other things while you workout. I'm not telling you to become a mindless running zombie, but it always helps pass the time if you think about important things while you workout. Working out is like your free ticket to figure out anything you need to. It's comparable to the time you sit in your bed before you fall asleep.

What helps motivate you when you workout?

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