Some say that putting up new wallpaper over the existing one is a waste of time, effort and money as the new one wouldn’t give you the right looks as it should. Some say, it will be worthless and that just because you intend to save time in stripping and cleaning up, you are opting for a papering over the existing one.

Well, while people think it to be an impossible fare, it is possible when you do it right and follow instructions coming in from the experts.

Check the existing layers

If there are more than three layers of wallpaper on the wall, then papering over the existing one can be a bad idea. You would notice lumps, air pockets and an uneven texture when there are multiple layers down below. A wallpaper installer in Perth would agree that if there is just a single existing layer, you can always repaper it. It will not result in thickened walls or probably air pocketing. It will take the shape of the existing wallpaper and you are ready to go.

Smoothen and clean the existing wall

When there is existing wallpaper, try to smoothen and clean the surface before you paper it all over again. The reason behind doing this is to allow the new wallpaper to sit in place well and not watch the adhesive come off in no time. If there is dirt on the existing surface, it will repel the adhesive and prevent it from staying in place. Your effort in applying it will all go in vain when you haven’t prepared the wall well.

Keep in mind the colour of both papers

If the existing wallpaper has a dark shade and the new one is light, the darker one will likely be visible after a certain time. Therefore, check the shades well and then opt for papering over the existing one. If you have chosen a lighter shade, you will have no other option other than removing the old one as you do not want to ruin the look of your room over time.

See if the new paper is thin

Thin wallpaper means the ones made out of vinyl. When it is thin in texture, it can settle itself anywhere and everywhere without complications. Dealers selling cheap wallpaper in Perth agree that the corners are easy to reach and that it doesn’t bulge like the think ones made out of paper. Thin wallpapers also make it easy for you to apply as well as remove as and when you want to.

Remove nails and fill holes

When you are papering your existing wallpaper, it is essential that you remove nails and fill the holes. This ensures even application and that there is nothing that allows the formation of air bubbles. When that happens, there are high chances of the wallpaper getting damaged over time as the air bubbles grow. In the presence of nails, it may tear while ruining your expensive purchase.

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The author has had experiences in hiring services of a wallpaper installer in Perth and writes this article to help people understand of ways to install cheap wallpaper in Perth over existing ones.